10 Essential Diaper Bag Backpack 2018

Essential Diaper Bag Backpack

Packing the diaper bag can be wonder for parents and care givers.

How do we know exactly what your little is going to need everyday?!

It’s pretty safe to say no matter where you are going, you need diapers and feeding supplies!... For your child and YOU!

As long as you have these you will manage but lets take a closer look at some of the contents and understand why us mom's pack EVERYTHING, but the kitchen sink.

When we had our babies, we opted to go with a backpack style diaper bag for convenience and trendiness. Our diaper bag is stylish and cute PLUS, it can double as moms purse when out running errands. This diaper bag allows for a lot of room for baby and a little added space for extra parent items (listed below). With the front and side compartments you will be organized with all your on-the -go necessities for play groups, luncheons and girls day.
Parents DON'T forget about yourself! There are items you need and there is space in the bag for you and your little one.

Top 10 Diaper Bag Items

  1. Diapers - Mom Wins is a huge fan of cloth diapers. Not only are they better for the environment but also better for your little ones skin.
  2. Wipes for those cute butt, messy diaper changes.
  3. Feeding Supplies Ladies, moms, women, care givers please remember that our feeding preferences are an individual choice. Whether you choose to nurse or formula feed your little one, you’re doing a great job! FED IS BEST!
  4. Nursing Pads. Our preference of nursing pads were the washable pads that we would launder with the baby's clothes. This saved us having to run to the store often to pick up the disposable pads and help save the landfill.
  5. Change of clothing for your infant (typically 2) including socks, shirt, pants, sweater and/or undershirt.
  6. Nipple Cream! Honestly, if you’re a new mom make sure you have nipple cream in your diaper bag and home. The initial nursing days cause for TENDER. CRACKED. NIPPLES! Make sure to take care of yourself so you can continue enjoying your time and bonding with your new baby. When you're not nursing, apply breast milk to your nippples to reduce any sensitivity and cracking.
  7. Personal Feminine Hygiene Products. You NEVER know when Aunt Flow is going to show up after having a baby so make sure you have a few hygine products on hand and even a change of clothing for yourself. Personally, I endured a very embarrassing moment and since, I have a Mom emergency bag of clothes in the trunk of the car. Isn't your cycle suppose to STOP when you're nursing?!
    A feminine hygine product that I have really grown to love is the Diva Cup. It is super discrete and can be left in the diaper bag until your visitor arrives. In the early stages of trying the cup, I wasn't too sure... but now months later, this thing is Ah-Mazing for me and my active life as a mom of 5.
  8. Snacks for Mom or Dad. The Yum Box is a durable divided storage container for lunches of snacks while you’re out and about. Not only is this snack container amazing for your little one but it’s awesome for mom and dad too!
  9. Medical Bag with Tylenol for parents and baby, thermometer, alcohol swabs, nail clippers and of course one of those super cute soft bristled baby brushes in case your son or daughter is blessed with hair when they’re born.

    BONUS TIP: If you live in a cold climate, be sure to have some extra clothing for the family in your vehicle. You never know when you or a bystandard may need help.

A CAMERA! As parents we are NEVER too PROUD to BRAG about our little ones, their milestones and everything in between. Make sure your battery is charged or you have spare batteries, grab your mini extendable tripod because you NEVER know when your little one is going to start acting totally adorable (or ridiculous) and you want to catch it on camera. We set up a tripod for family lifestyle type photoshoots when we have friends or family over, you never know when you can capture those special moments.
Our phones are getting better and better quality for taking portraits BUT the best pics are typically taken with a camera. We have tried several different cameras but one brand we alwyas go back to is Canon. The link below is one of the current cameras we are using today and particularly like it on sport setting for taking pictures of moving objects. This camera travels with us no matter where we go and allows us to stay current on social given the wifi capabilities. Our phones are getting better and better quality for taking portraits BUT the best pics are typically taken with a camera.

Curious, what camera is your family using and are you loving it? Comment in the comment section below.

Are you using a shoulder bag or a backpack style diaper bag? What were you looking for when you chose your diaper bag? We look forward to reading your answer.

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What are some of your go to diaper bag items that you and your family have benefited from?

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