3 Must Haves When You Arrive Home With Baby, 2018

Welcome to Parenthood!

Have you found yourself wandering the baby isle wondering 'HOW MUCH OF THIS STUFF DO WE ACTUALLY NEED???' If so, don't worry, you're not alone! Today's baby market is HUGE and there are so many duplicate companies with similar products. How do you choose!? 

As a family with 5 kids, we have learned some of the top picks for convenience items to care for a baby allowing you to sleep a little longer or be prepared for what you know is about to come. Taking care of a baby is a lot of work, so we called the first 3 months "survival mode". 

Survival Mode

  • everyone is fed
  • everyone is wearing clean clothes
  • baby is fed and clean, this happens A LOT
  • Laundry gets washed daily, folded, never. No time for that.
  • Mom is well looked after to maintain a nursing schedule

Life is going to happen and some days, you will forget due to lack of sleep or not enough to eat perhaps. But take in the sleepless nights. Snap pics when you're totally exhausted and barely know your name because before you know it, these moments will be memories. Creating an email address for your child from a young age is a fun way for you to communicate with them as young children and into their adolescence. Eventually, you can share the emails with them and go through their life scrapbook of emails when they are old enough to appreciate them.

Before we get too off topic, one of our survival products was and still is the iRobot Roomba and Braava. Without these two machines, I'm not sure how we would handle all the animal hair plus the human hair, sand and anything else the kids bring in. 

1- The iRobot vacuum was a game changer for our house. We walk around and picked up the toys, put away the shoes and hit the button >. In the morning the floors are clean for another day and no one had to do any actual work. The iRobots are a #momwins in our house and such a time saver. The robots maintain the baseboards, under the couches and all the floors (vacuum and wash) and all we need to do is put away a couple of toys. We have been using the same Roomba for 3 years this December and the Braava for 2 years this December. The Roomba works well on hardwood floors, ceramic tile and low lying area rugs or mats getting all the debris and hair.

2- A feeding plan for baby and family with a backup plan in mind. If you plan to nurse, that's fantastic. But plan to have a pump on hand in case you need it to help you and baby along the path to success. We have shared a couple of blogs on different pumps and a local store that talks about everything nursing.
If bottle feeding is the way you're leaning towards, have you checked out the baby Breeza?! Like everything this machine has "it's things" but if you care for it right it can be a game changer for the whole family. What's better than a sleeping baby? A sleeping family! Check this out... https://amzn.to/2HRc43U

3- A good schedule for the whole family. There is no better way to keep organized than putting pen to paper. Check out our quick and simple Family Command Station Calendar 

Is there a Robot or machine that makes your life simple? Perhaps you have the new washer and dryer duo? Comment below, let us know what makes your parenting easier.


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