Are you always CLEANING?

ASQHS INC, Giving You The Time To Do What Matters! 

ASQHS Inc is a turn key home solutions company offering commercial and residential cleaning, meal preparation and in home laundry services. ASQHS INC also caters to all you pet lovers that enjoy travelling. ASQHS INC will watch your house and pets while you are on holidays to ensure the house is in good standing and the pets are loved and fed. ASQHS INC is proud to say they visited with over 750 pets in 2017 and plan to double that in 2018. 

ASQHS INC has been servicing Ottawa and surrounding area for just over 5 years offering the customer satisfaction of all staff being bonded and insured as well as covered by WSIB. These are additional assurances that ASQHS INC offers all of there clients at no additional cost. ASQHS INC in competitively priced and flexible with scheduling and number of cleaners attending the clean. 

Have you been considering leaving your fur baby in a home rather than a kennel?

Contact ASQHS INC to see if this is an option for your animal(s) and home. 

ASQHS Inc prides themselves with their meticulous attention to detail and their want to go above and beyond to impress all their clients.

ASQHS Inc offers
  • One time cleaning services,
  • Monthly,
  • Deep cleans
  • Bi weekly, and
  • Weekly services focusing on each clients individualized custom profile designed between the prospective client and ASQHS INC.

Mandy, the CEO of ASQHS INC has 15 years experience in the cleaning industry and seven years training professional cleaners. With Mandy being a mom of five, she understands where the dirt hides and makes it her best effort to get into all those nooks and crannies where your children can so cleverly hide the dirt, dishes or even leftover food.

Do you find you just spend your whole weekend cleaning and organizing for the week ahead?

This IS EVERYONE'S experience which is why Mandy and her family also benefit from having a professional clean in their home every two weeks. It’s just help the family stay ahead with the day-to-day chores and of course keep up with the demands of the kids. If you’re looking for an extra set of hands folding laundry, changing the linens, dusting baseboards, removing cobwebs, scrubbing bathrooms and of course washing those hallway walls with all those little fingerprints contact ASQHS Inc today for your free consultation.

Areas of focus will be discusses with ASQHS INC during the consultation. There are too many areas to list and it's more of a training manual than it is "just cleaning" as many would say. Our specialists love what they do and the results are a reflection of that, with every clean.

Mom Wins is going to offer a ASQHS INC PDF Cleaning Guide in the fall of 2018 showing you exactly how to clean each area in your home, like a professional and keep it organized.  If this is something that interests you please subscribe to Mom Wins news letter so we can keep you updated with the info.

Keeping a home clean with children and pets is tough work!  On the weekends, you just want some down time with the family but the house chores and maintenance never end, WE GET IT!! Steve and I felt a good balance in our life once we started using the cleaning service in our home along with our beloved devices Roomba and Braava. We press the power button on our robots and the next thing we know our floors are clean, tidying is done and our family is sitting down to the bedtime routine. To learn more about the iRobots, click here.  

To learn more about ASQHS INC and their services, view their website at ASQHS.COM.

Mom Wins is looking forward to sharing ASQHS INC's cleaning tips or proprietary secrets as some may call it. Subscribe here for the PDF guide being released late fall.

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