Bento vs GoGreen Lunch Containers

Seems like summer JUST BEGAN, but when I saw the Yum Box and Go Green Lunch Boxes for kids, I got excited to start shopping for back to school.

Is your little one returing this year? Or is it your little ones first year at school? Many of you may be feeling relieved to have the little ones returning while others (like myself) would like to have a couple more weeks of summer with the kids... BUT like it or not Tuesday, they return! 

Are you stumped as to what you need to pack with your little ones for lunch on their first day? Mom Wins has 13 years of experience making lunches and wants to share some of our lunches with you and learn some of yours. What are a few snack items that your kiddos loves? 

Mom Wins suggested MUST have lunch boxes;

For years Mom Wins struggled to find the perfect lunch kits or containers for the kids to go to school with. Their lunches would either be too small, too large with waste or be prepackaged foods. We knew that this was an expensive/unhealthy way to pack lunches and went on the search for something easier. For the last 3 years, our family has been benefittting from the Go Green Lunch Boxes for the older kids and the Yum Box for our younger juniours. The size comparisons of these lunch containers are HUGE, if you have a big eater, Mom Wins highly recommends you to check out the Go Green Lunch Box vs the Yum Box.

With a durable plastic 6 compartment case, you can be sure your kids will have a variety of foods they can snack on through the day. The Go Green Lunch Container offers a washable outer shell to carry cutlery or napkins and even a cute spot for you to leave them a note for the day. Austyn started using the Yum Box in his junior years and the container is STILL going for Brody 3 years later. The Go Green is a sealed system much like the Yum Box however, the Go Green has removeable/replacable rubber rings. This keeps the containers seals tight and prevents the food (ex apple sauce) from leaking into the other containers. The Yum Box doesn't have a removable or replacable silicone meaning you want to always hand wash in warm not hot water.

The Go Green Lunch System comes with a metal drink container that can be packed in the lunch box or placed on the side for an added snack compartment. This is not an option available with the Yum Box because it is much smaller in size and perfect for your junior to carry with a juice box on the side. By adding silicone liners to the sections of the lunch containers, you can easily pack veggies and dip, shredded cheese and crackers, raisins and other dehydrated fruits and so much more. 

Mom Wins can't decide on which of these containers is our favourite because each one serves the purpose for our kids and their ages. They are easy for the kids to use, the kids eat their lunches (FINALLY) and Mandy finds it a lot easier to pack the lunches to meet the appetites.

Do you have a go to drink container that you LOVE and doesn't leak? We would LOVE to know which one is most preferred by parents.





What are some of your kids favourite lunches and snacks? We would love to hear from you on our social platforms...


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