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Nursing tips and accesories to help with nursing

Milkface is the proud supporter of assisting moms to nurse their infants successfully. Milkface assists in varying adversities and offers very individualized supports and resources to set you and your precious bundle up for success.
Nursing isn’t always a pretty screen. Have you seen those beautiful post of the perfect nurser and a happy mom?!
This is NOT all that nursing is cracked up to be (no pun intended). Your nipples will HURTR, your infant may not latch, you will most likely find yourself balling in your child's nursery at 2 am because they just WON’T feed.

Let Milkface REASSURE you, these discomforts and these adversities are traditional #momstruggles that many mothers face even when they have subsequent children.
Lets Milkface support you and your growing family. Stop in and visit one of their drop in nursing groups. 

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Let’s talk about some of the accessories that may assist you with nursing

The Medela Nursing shield offers a durable, convenient and comforting way to nurse your infant successfully. The nipple shield assists new moms experiencing nursing difficulties and tenderness of the breasts and nipples.

Some of the nursing challenges could be
  • inverted nipples,
  • raw, tender, blistered nipples,
  • overactive let down,
  • Varying sized shields to assist every nursing mom
How they assist
  • provide a larger target to latch on to.
  • Maximizes skin-to-skin contact

Because women are not all designed the same the shield is available in 3 sizes; 16mm, 20mm and 24mm.

The nipple shield allowed Mandy to be a successful nurser with all of the kids regardless of nursing adversities. The nipple shield reduced the discomforts of chapped nipples and helped extract the nipple for the infant to latch. After nursing 4 kids with the assistance of the shield, Mandy can confidently speak to how useful this shield was and without the shield she is not sure she would have been a nursing mom.

The Nursing Shield is a #MomWins for Mandy and the family and many other moms and their babes.

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Disposable and Washable Nursing Pads
Tender Care Nipple Cream

I’m sure you have read in one of your many mommy groups by now that breast milk will help your sore and tender nipples. What I’m sure no one mentioned is the amount of colostrum you have to offer your new born will go towards them and their needs not you and your cracking nipples. Something Mandy discovered 3 months after nursing the first, was a nipple crack cream to help sooth sore and chapped nipples. From the first use, there was an immediate comfort that allowed Mandy and the kids to nurse successfully.

Medela Tender Care Lanolin nipple cream is a MUST HAVE AT THE HOSPITAL. This nipple cream helps sensitive or dry nipples and helps form an additional protective barrier for sore or irritated nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding. All natural ingredients are safe for mom and baby so there is no need to wash off before feeding! After Mandy’s first baby, she knew that the nipple shield and nipple cream was something that she was going to want to use with each child and made sure to pack both of these items in the hospital over night bag plus had one of each in the diaper bag.

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Did you know

Nursing moms are commonly asking what they can do to increase their milk supply naturally. It’s becoming more and more of a tougher question to answer simply because so many products contain caffeine or other energy boosters. There are a couple natural remedies that I, (Mandy) benefitted from; more so with Makayla because of the mix of nursing and formula feeding. With bottle feeding through the night, my supply would be high in the morning and come later in the evening my body knew not to make more. Aren’t human instincts AMAZING!?!?!

With the use of red raspberry leaf tea and Fenugreek, I was able to increase my supply and have some milk for the freezer or middle of the night (for dad). Please use the red raspberry leaf tea with care while you’re expecting. Speak to your doctor before consumption.

Comfort amenities that you don’t want to go without would be an AH-MAZING pump if you’re planning to pump and store milk and a SUPPORATIVE nursing pillow.

You may be thinking it’s just a pillow, No?!

I promise you, you will appreciate good support for you and your infant especially for the middle of the night feeds. I personally enjoyed this pillow because it took form to my mood and whether I wanted to slouch and relax or I wanted to sit up right and watch Netflix. When our little one would fall asleep, I would easily be able to move and set her down without the chance of her sliding off some of the more rounded nursing pillows (after 4 kids, Ive tried SEVERAL!!) I like that this pillow offers you the ability to scoop up your little one with the light weight pillow and transfer them to where ever they sleep and it’s easy to slide away from your sleepy little one. The design made it easy to wash and throw in the dryer. If you do skin-to-skin feeds you may want to wash the pillow in baby laundry detergent to avoid any skin sensitivities.

How do you feel about the Cadillac… of breast pumps? ;)

When I got pregnant with my first child I had these amazing thoughts and dreams of what I thought parenting was. I thought my little munckin was going to be a born feeder and that was it.

Little did I know, she had other plans for our nursing relationship. I finally caved and got a hand pump to pump one side at a time. I think I paid about $50 for this thing and my gosh was it awful! It leaked, it caused me bruising… I thought it was going to rip my nipple right off! Sorry TMI?!

FINALLY *with a sigh of relief* I got my hands on a professional grade pump made by Medela and my prayers were answered. I was no longer in tears with every nursing or pumping experience and things started to get better very quickly. I recommend every mom that wants to nurse to get a good quality pump from the beginning to avoid frustrations and issues with milk supply down the road. One of my favourite pumps was by far the Medela pumps in a bag or suit case style. This discrete element added a professional component for all you mom returning to the office and still nursing. You could easily take your purse AKA your pump to a private area to prepare your Childs next feed. Good quality breast pumps are just like a Cadillac, a little more costly up front but more reliable later on or for subsequent children. A breast pump like the Medela is definitely a worth while investment for your feeding and SANITY!

Learn About Formula Feeding Here

Always remember FED IS BEST! Your feeding choices and preferences are what works for you and your family.

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