Whats for dinner?

This was such a common question in our house for YEARS and always felt like a rush at dinner hour because we NEVER knew what we were having. 

Can you relate?

From all the families we’ve spoken to, everyone seems to have the same dinner time experience. Dinners ARE A STRESS in many households. For our family, the more stressful dinner became, the more we began ordering take-out and eating at restaurants in order to avoid the dinner struggles, cooking and tending to the needs of fussy kids that wouldn’t eat.

Have you found yourself in a similar cycle?

Little did we know we were only setting ourselves up for long term disappointment. Our health quickly went down hill, someone was always sick with a cold or flu, it was SO EXPENSIVE and in the end the kids wouldn’t eat take-out either. They were SICK OF IT!

Steve and I (Mandy) finally came up with freezer meals for 90 dinners, 1 shop and 1 day of cooking. This meant that we would only have to do 4 large shops / cooks a year and our family was going to eat homemade healthy meals 365 days a year!

After carefully checking out all of our shopping options, we decided to purchase a Costco membership card. We do all of our day-to-day shopping and bulk purchasing of non-perishables at Costco and really see the money savings of buying in wholesale. This was the most economical way for us to feed our family and always keep our freezer full. All-in-all, Costco has been our saving grace for our freezer meals... Oh yea, we got our freezer there too ;) 

Mom Wins is going to share all of the recipes that Mandy and Steve have used, how they prepare for the shop and footage of the actual shopping experience. Once the shopping is done Mandy, Payge and Steve are going to teach you exactly how they prepare and cook all these meals including storing for the freezer. Mandy and Steve feel health and nutrition is very important for the kids and really see the benefits whole foods have brought for the whole family. While some of the kids are a little fussy we always have something that is home cooked to offer them. Stay tuned for the launch of this 90 Day freezer meals - Guide and Recipes. 

Pros to buying at Costco
  • Quality meat and legumes
  • On site butcher to answer any questions
  • Dairy department
  • Whole sale pricing - more affordable
  • And much more.. 
Costco also sells
  • HUGE seasonal department catering to the whole family
  • Computer’s
  • Cell Phone’s
  • Vacuums
  • Non perishable foods
  •  BBQ’s
  • Car repairs, fuel, large and small appliances and much more.

Costco really caters to purchasing consumables and freezable items in wholesale, reducing the family shopping time tremendously. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you only had to shop for the day-to-day staples each week and the bulk of the shopping was done just a couple times a year?! This is how we have implemented Costco’s business model and how we have incorporated them into our lives. Now we are eating healthy all the time, no longer guessing WHATS FOR DINNER and really just made our lives easier by accessing all of their products and services with one stop. Don't forget the back to school supplies!! We LOVE that the supplies are offered in bulk as we have 3 kids returning to school this year. 

Some of our most purchased Costco items are
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Supplies for the kids
  • Yogurt in a juice box looking thing for our smoothies
  • Cream and milk
  • Meat
  • Condiments
  • Chips and school snacks
  • Produce
  • Cakes for specials occasions
  • Electronics
  • Office supplies and much more

We primarily do our shopping at the Kanata Costco, however there are other Costcos in the area with only one or two locations offering fuel. A Costco membership will allow you and one other household member to benefit from their store without having to purchase an additional membership ($60.00).

Costco offers an EXCEPTIONAL return or refund option with all their products and memberships. Given that our family has shopped at Costco for a period of time now we have done a couple of returns with no issues. Simply show  your membership with receipt and they will pull up your item. The staff are always very friendly and eager to help if you need help getting to the car with kids and the shopping cart. I really value their belief that the customers have to be happy in order for Costco to be a success and feel that Costco always goes above and beyond to meet their customers needs. 

An added bonus- ALL THE SAMPLES! Who doesn't LOVE Costco for ALL. THE. SAMPLES.?! <3 We enjoy trying new foods but don’t want to buy something without knowing if we like it first - thanks Costco! The added samples are fun for the kids to try new things and kick start their appetite for the cafeteria food and ice cream! *ok, maybe we aren’t ALWAYS healthy!

About Costco

Costco has been able to maintain their own Kirklands brand for more than two decades now. Click here to learn more about Kirkland's Brand.

Mission Statement & Giving Guidelines

Costco Wholesale is committed in its support of charitable activities in the communities where it operates. Costco dedicates the balance of its charitable contributions to children's initiatives, specifically in the areas of health, welfare and education, as well as to families in need. United Way, Breakfast Club of Canada and Children's Miracle Network have been designated as the primary charities. Costco’s Charitable Contributions Committee is charged with overseeing their charitable giving and encouraging decentralization of charitable giving so that the greatest impact are where Costco's employees and members live and work. To learn more about their programs and ongoing contributions you can view their missions here

Mom Wins Review

It is my opinion that our family would not eat as well as we do with the portions and variety we have without the support of Costco and their wholesale pricing and quantities. We have grown very fond of how they do business and really rely on their day-to-day rotating stock while having the brands and itmes we purchase all the time. We purchased the memberhsip that offers cash back at the end of the year becasue we know we will earn oursleves a memebeership each year (if not more). A store that rewards a mom of 5 with cash back dollars is well woth the small upfront investment of the membership.  Some of the departments that our family has benefited from include pharmacy, optical, deli, bakery and electronics.

If you having a growing busy family like ours, we suggest checking out the membership options and keep watch for our 90 Day Meal Plan - Freezer Guide 

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