Mom Wins knows you need sleep!

Do your little ones struggle with sleep issues, fidgeting, restlessness and an even harder time to get up in the morning?

There are many children and adults that face issues with sleep and genuinely have a hard time falling asleep and as a result waking up.

It has been discovered that children and adults with anxiety or ADD/ADHD tend to have better night sleeps with sleep aids like weighted blankets and pillows.

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket with weights evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Each blanket is personally designed to suit the person using the blanket. The amount of weight depends on the size/weight of the person and what the blanket is being used for. Please always use caution when using these blankets around younger children and infants as there could be risks associated if not used correctly.

Weighted blankets have several effects on the body that are positive;
  • help simulate the deep pressure touch meeting sensory needs

  • help reduce anxiety

  • better nights sleep with people with restless syndrome, Ticks, ADD/ADHD
Mimicking a hug

Research has shown that hugs may make a person feel at ease. When people hug, the body releases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone helps reduce blood pressure, slows the heart, and provides a feeling of relaxation. The weighted blanket essentially imitates the warmth and security that a hug provides. Both the blanket and hug use a gentle, firm pressure that goes deep within the body giving a sense of repose that allows the body to relax and have a good night sleep.

Sleep is one of the most crutial aspects of healthy living for parents and children. So if you and your loved ones are sleeping, #Delastpillow can rest easy. 

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Delastpillows help with neck, back and shoulder issues and provide assistance for people that suffer from migranes or headaches however do not take this as medical adivce or a guarantee. Always speak to a doctor about any issues and incorporate comfort items for added benefits. The benefits that Delastpillow offer your sleeper is the pillow is not collapsing under them causing strains or pressure to the neck, spine or back. The pillow will hold it's form once you settle into the pillow meaning your head, neck and shoulders are all evenally supported. Delastpillow is catering to your better night sleep and always looking for new ways to help. Delast invites you to join their social groups for added features, products or to find answers to your questions.

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