Do pimple POPPERS work?

We have all had those blemishes and impurities that we want to shake but it just won't surface. What do YOU do in a case like this? I find these unwanted red marks make their unwelcome appearance during that special occasion, nearing family vacation or right before going on a hot date. So annoying, I know.

Over the years, I have tried everything from tooth paste on the blemish to applying wax to the area and removing the deeper rooted problem but its never really worked. All that happened was the surface of the skin appeared red and inflamed but the blemish was still there. After hearing about the pimple popper gadget I got a little curious about how they work and wondered if it would actually get rid of the blemish.

I bought the instrument at my local drug store for $8.99 CDN. It was in basic packaging with clear instructions on how to use the tool.

  1. Suggested cleaning the skin before using the tool. I used my daily cleansing mask  and toner- Redefine by Rodan + Fields.
  2. For black heads or white heads use the flat looped end. For larger cystic type blemishes it was recommended using the other end to extract the impurities.
  3. Apply some pressure to the instrument and slide it against your skin firmly but gently.
  4. Repeat as you see necessary.


My observations:

  1. I thought the gadget was a little expensive for what you were getting. Once I opened the package and saw the sturdiness of the tool I felt the cost was justified.
  2. I attempted to use it and right away I damaged my skin. I didn't know how I was suppose to slide this across my face only extracting the blemish and not marking up my entire face?!
  3. My overall experience with the tool wasn't good although I am sure part of it was operator issue. My issue with the tool was dragging it across the good skin and the congested skin. This can cause damage to the pore walls and recurring pimples. While this tool would likely removed the blemish eventually, I was looking for something that wouldn't potentially damage the deeper layers of the skin or cause the surface skin to become marked or potentially scarred.

Im sure this tool would be beneficial if it was used in a dermatologists office by the specialist. From the reading I have done you do not was not consistently use this instrument on the same blemishes. It can cause long term damage to the pore walls, allowing for reoccurring breakouts and eventually cause wrinkles or scarring.

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