Facial Hair Removal, 2018

What are your tweezing or waxing practices? Could they be adding to early sign of aging?

When we tweeze, wax or thread our brows we tend to pull the skin around the area to get all the finer hairs that are tougher to see. Cosmetically this is working to remove the hair but it's also contributing to the loosening of your skin (fine tissue cell damage) which causes fine line and/or wrinkles to appear. When we tweeze or wax a good practise is to be sure you are not stretching or pulling the skin around the eyes. This will prevent gatherings of skin to loosen and droop around the eyes as you age. Instead try more frequent tweezing with less pulling on the skin to remove unwanted hairs.

 Can waxing cause long term damage to the skin?

Yes! Waxing can contribute to damaged tissue cells, damaged pore walls and even damage the follicle that allows for hair regrowth. As we apply hot wax to the brow area, we are damaging the top layer of the epidermis caused by the heat. This issue is not seen within the first few applications and removals of wax but I assure you, over time you will seen drooping around the eyes and crows feet will become visible. As you apply the heated wax to your skin and draw your skin in the opposite direction from where you're removing the hair, you are causing long term issues to the cell tissues, pore walls and creating a new unfavourable behaviour for your skin. The skin on our face is not meant to stretch like this ladies and gents!

How to get rid of unwanted hairs without tweezing or waxing?

Is this even possible? Yes, it is possible to remove unwanted hairs without wax or tweezing!! There are a few new instruments available for removing unwanted hairs that do not cause damage to the skin.

Lets go through a couple..

Have you heard of Tinkle eyebrow razors? These things are AMAZING! You can purchase a 3 pack on Amazon for as little as $5.98 USD. This nifty razor is by no means your typical razor. You can literally shave away any unwanted hairs and NOT worry that the hair will grow in thicker, darker or more course. Don't ask me how the hair doesn't grow in thick or course because I'm really not sure. What I do know, this tool works so well for any hairs around the upper lip, sideburns, eye brows and even peach fuzz around your chin and jaw. You do not need to pull or stretch the skin for the Tinkle to cut and remove the hairs with one simple pass. Be sure to always use a sharp razor to avoid hair breakage and ingrown hairs- these not only hurt but also cause unwanted impurities. I have been using the tinkle to shape my eye brows as well as remove all the fine unwanted hairs for a long time! I have found my eye brows to be the fullest they've ever been and FINALLY, I no longer have to pencil in my brows! With the help of Lash Boost serum and these amazing razors I have the brows I have been chasing for years!



There are products like Nair and Neat that will help with hair removal. From my experience I would not put this on my face on anywhere that may be sensitive. I found both of these options to be moderately priced. The packaging was a basic colourful bottle with a good description about the use. On the bottle it came with a clear CAUTION LABEL that read for external use only DO NOT apply this to skin that may be sensitive, near the eyes and be sure to do a patch test on your skin before using. When I used Nair on my wrist, ankle and a pea sized amount on my upper lip, I was surprised to see and feel what appeared to be a chemical burn on all 3 spots. This product is a MAJOR NO for me due to the chemical appearing burns left on all patch tests on my skin. Note: these were my experiences and may not be your experience. If this is a product you are thinking about using definitely do a patch test on all areas and more so on sensitive areas.


We are all familiar with laser hair removal but who has the money for that?! I know I don't! Laser hair removal is designed to remove all unwanted hair from a specific area. You attend several appointments where a technician will use a wand with a laser against the skin to stop the hair from growing. To my understanding the laser prevents the follicle from recreating any new hairs or regrowth and over time the follicle is unable to produce new hairs leaving the area hair free. This process is expensive, timely and some users have been left with a yellowish pigment on the skin. This was a big NO THANKS for me!


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I personally prefer the Tinkle for reshaping and thinning the brows and other areas that may suit your individual preference. The razor lasts a lengthy period of time, the handle is easy to hold and use as well as they are easy to dispose of. The cost is very reasonable and they can be purchased off Amazon and shipped right to your door.

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