Feeding Options For You and Your Little One

How To Reduce Colic and Make Feeding Easier and More Convenient 

Lets talk baby bottles

Have you stood in the baby isle lately and wondered what the heck bottle to try out?! It can be pretty confusing when you don’t know what to buy or what to look for in a baby bottle.
After Austyn was removed from the breast and placed on formula with very specific bottles, we gained knowledge as to what you should look for when making you’re decision on bottles; material and milk flow is very important. Baby bottle are designed with your child’s oral well being in mind. As well, most bottles are designed to comfort the child by adding a breast type feel to the feeding experience.

Steve and Mandy particularly loved the Playtex Vent Aire for their kids for reasons of cleaning, size of the bottle, easy to access replacement rings or nipples but most of all the design to remove air and reduce colic in your infant. If your child has reflux or digestion issues perhaps this bottle will help your little one the way it’s helped Austyn.The bottle is designed to allow air flow through the bottom of the bottle rather than into your little ones digestive tract.  Colic can be super painful to our young ones and these bottles were a #momwins for Mandy and Steve’s kids.

Learn More About Vent Aire Bottles

Don't forget to get a night light for the middle of the night

Mandy would get up night after night with the little ones and never have an issue with the edge of the bed frame….. until one night! Okay, seriously this EFFIN hurt, A LOT. So since then we got these super cute night lights that light things up just enough and save the shines (or manicures if Im being real lol). Check out these Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Lights that we have floating around our house. These lamps offer a really relaxing and soothing environment when you’re trying to go to sleep at the same time as offering just enough ambient light that you can check on your littles in the middle of the night. You will notice that we talk about sleep items a fair bit. Sleep comforts are super important to get the kids to bed easily and offer them a good night sleep for school the next day.

Do you’re little ones have sleep struggles? We absolutely love the ladies at Restful Parenting as well as love the weighted blankets from Delastpillow and Blanket.

If you’re kids are sleeping well, it means you are too! So don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money in the sleep department and ambient lighting so no more walking into bedroom furniture. 

Do you have a funny middle of the night story? We would love to hear from you.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

This machine was a life saver for us with our last little one Makayla. With Mandy returning to work so quickly after having Makayla, Mandy had to sleep too - not just Steve. Very Quickly Mandy and Steve became the MASTERS of co sleeping and co parenting through the night so both could be a success through the work day. Mandy would nurse Makayla through the night until Makayla wanted a heavy feed. Steve would come to the rescue with a bottle from the Brezza, and Makayla would be asleep until about 9 am. This machine was a huge time saving machine in our house. We knew the temperature was always right (although we check it anyway) and as long as we maintained the machine the portion of powder to water ratio would always be spot on. We used the Brezza for a full year before gifting it to a friend and passing it along. The machine was  always very user friendly and operated accordingly. The machine does require slight cleaning a couple times a week but only takes about 2 mins each clean. 

The Brezza was a really great way dad to participate in the feeding an evening cuddles. Some of our best cuddles were in the middle of the night because the house, was finally QUIET. Want to get your husband involved and wanting to do the feeds, check out this cool machine.

Have you used the Brezza? Yay OR Nay?

Solids, Purees and Led Feeding

Once your little one starts eating solids, you’re going to want to continue with convenient ways to package your food so you and your little one can participate in all kinds of adventures in their first year of life. It’s not all going to be pretty, I promise, but relish in the moments that are because they are super special. We used the Baby Bullet to make all of the baby food ahead of time storing the food in ice cube trays and the containers provided by baby bullet. The baby bullet containers with the twist off lids were the perfect size for the formula powder for a 6oz bottle- just an added bonus if you decide to bottle feed.
The Baby Bullet is strong enough to grind through frozen fruits and chunk of meat without a problem and gently enough leaving texture to the meats or veggies should you choose to leave them a little larger with more chewing required. We will talk about our experience with led feeding in a later blog. The baby bullet catered to our day to day needs with a new eaters AND doubled as a junior smoothie maker for my younger kiddos. This little machine was so helpful and so useful and used daily for a year to puree something.

Learn More About The Baby Bullet

Mandy and Steve appreciated the peace of mind and flexibility of being able to leave expressed milk with a sitter or having the option of leaving the Beeza filled and ready to go for a night away. Knowing that the formula was going to be made exactly the right way with every feed was a HUGE comfort to Mandy and Steve while they fulfilled their work schedule or had a couple of hours alone to connect over dinner or a coffee. The pro to using the Breeza versus purchasing the pre made formula was the cost and time to prepare.  The cost of premade formula vs the Breeza was significant when you calculated the cost over the course of 18 months. Not only did this item save us money it saved us time and kept our little one happy. The Breeza was a #MomWin in our home. It was our experience that you needed to clean the machine often. The funnel and the underside of the machine can become crystallized with formula not allowing the right amount of formula to be dispensed. Once the machine is clean with a microfibre cloth, the congestion is gone and the machine will be ready to use again.

DISCLAIMER: ******DO NOT ADD any powder to the machine when it’s slightly wet, it will ruin the formula!

Make sure you wash out the water container once a week and allow it to air dry. The water canister would likely get slimy after a while of not being washed out and air dried.

We always boiled the water before adding it to the machine to avoid mineral deposit build ups only because we know it happens in other small kitchen appliances.

We would clean the funnel on the machine daily and do a full clean of the machine and it’s parts once a week.  This never allowed the machine to back up and ensured the right amount of powder to water ratio was dispensed every bottle. Once the powder gets nearing the end, you will want to empty the powder, clean the machine and reset your formula Number again as well as put all the rings of your machine back together. It’s not a lot of work but if it isn’t done right it can be a pain in the ass, waste powder and make a mess. We always use micro fibre cloths to clean as they really draw the dirt away from whatever is dirty. We have added a link in the bio for you to check out if you’re interested.

For full maintenance, click here

Filling the machine with water and powder is simple. After washing your water container, add boiled water to the water reservoir and place it on the machine with the lid.

Add powder to the hopper once you can see 1 of the orange arms on the dial inside the hopper. To add the formula, you simply pour the formula into the hopper to the full line and place unused portion to the side.

If you are you looking for an iron rich formula or formula that is more gentle on the tummy, you may want to consider is the Enfamil Gentlease (fortified with iron or without). We really liked this one for the kids as a substitute when mommy wasn’t around. The kids seemed to adjust well to it without throwing up and a huge bonus, it didn’t stain our kids clothes the way I heard some formulas do. This formula worked well with the Breeza without clumping and the Breeza had the right setting on the dial for this powder.

Now that your machine is clean and you have chose your formula, adjust your machine to the desired bottle size and once the machine reaches the right temperature, you will be feeding your infant a prewormed, remeasured bottle in 15 seconds, stress free!

Learn how to fill the Breeza

Mandy and Steve are all about the convenience items that make life and parenting a whole lot easier and more consistent. Every home that bottle feeds should consider this machine and all of the benefits it offers. 

Learn More About The Breeza and Shipping Options

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