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Love Your Kitchen Again

Tupperware is an organization that has been around for 70 years. It was not a hard choice for me to make when looking to start my own business. Not only does Tupperware have products that help you Save Time, Save Money and Eat Healthy, it also has all the system tools and support to make it easy for me to help others.

A little about me: I have been married for 32 years to a wonderful man and am a mom of a  28-year old young man. I am a designated accountant, CPA, CMA with a focus on strategic business. I love to volunteer and am always involved in something to help others. While my son was young it was managing hockey teams and being part of the school council. Now it is volunteering at our parish church and sitting as the Vice President for our BNI networking group. I left the fulltime corporate world behind in 2016 and in joining Tupperware, I was looking for an income for different things like a trip down south every winter or a new refrigerator if needed. I was amazed to find a world of wonderful men and women who love to do it exactly for the same reasons, or others and many who have made this their fulltime career, giving them the flexibility they need to manage their lives including their family time.

I was also looking for an organization that gives back. As I have grown in my life I continue to realize it is so important to help others. Tupperware has products that support the Boys and Girls Club however my favourite give-back tool is the Tupperware Fundraiser where 40% of the retail price from the items in the fundraiser brochure goes to the fundraiser. That is huge!

Today I am pleased to announce that one of my biggest fundraisers is for Warmstone Family Dentistry in Stittsville, On. This is in support of their mission trip in January to the Dominican Republic where they will be providing free dental care for one week. I was blown away by this and am so happy to be supporting them. Should you be interested in supporting them, please go to my website, click on Find a Fundraiser, choose Ontario and scroll down to find Warmstone Family Dentistry Fundraiser. I thank you for supporting them.

As a working mom, with both parents working, it was always a challenge to get the family organized for the week. I think the most challenging thing for me were the meals. My husband and I had an agreement whereby he would cook during the week and I would cook Friday to Sunday. I appreciated him for doing this as I was not home until 6:30 to 7pm most nights. I laughed when my son asked his father if they could have something other than French fries. French fries and steak were what my husband cooked most nights. On weekends I made many slow cooker meals that I could then freeze in dinner portions for my husband to use and to help with variety. I look back now at how much easier my life would have been if I had all the new Tupperware products available back then.

Did you know?

In today’s world, the average family throws away $30 worth of fresh fruit and veggies every week from spoilage! That is $1500 a year!  The average family also spends approximately $100 per week on take out. What could you do with all this additional money?

The products that make an impact to families follow the 4 methods of organization from Tupperware. Using these will save you time, save you money and help you eat healthy.

  1. Keeping your dried goods fresh longer and protected from any insects or mice will save you money. These are foods like flour, sugar, rice, pasta, and oats. Tupperware has a line of ‘Modular Mates’ which come in all shapes and sizes and fit virtually any cupboard. Did I say, I love the organization? Let me help you organize your cupboards and determine what it is you need to keep organized and stay fresh.

  1. To keep your fruit and veggies fresh 2 to 3 times longer, I use the FridgeSmart containers. Tupperware research has determined different veggies breathe at different rates as well as for fruits. By adjusting the rate of oxygen, the food will last longer. No more throwing out $30 a week and repurchasing food. Think of all the fresh fruit and veggies you can have prepared, ready to eat. Making healthy food choices made easy.

  1. Take the opportunity to buy meat on sale and save money. The Tupperware Freeze-it containers will allow you to properly store your meat. Your meat will not crystallize therefore will not degrade and lose nutrients. This is so much healthier for your family. I also store my soups, stews and chilis in these containers.

  1. The Vent ‘n Serv containers will allow you to make your meals and freeze the meal in these containers. These go from the freezer direct to the microwave or you can use them to freeze your lunches for the week and grab and go then pop in the microwave at lunch. The lid stays on during cooking and the handles stay cool. The Crystal wave containers can be used for leftovers for the next day’s meal or for lunch. These ones do not freeze.

Mindful preparation is what it is all about. See how easy it is.

There are many other products to share with you like the Power Chef system which allows you to chop and prep your ingredients in no time at all. I make salsa in under 2 minutes! This has to be my most favourite of the Tupperware tools. I love this video titled ‘From the Highchair and Beyond’.



The Smart Multi-Cooker and the Stack Cooker allow you to cook one meal in different levels all in the same tool. Dinner ready in 20-30 minutes.


The MicroPro Grill allows you to grill veggies, meat, grill cheese even a berry crisp all in minutes in the microwave.

And don’t get me started on the Breakfast Maker which you can use for eggs, omelettes, all types of vegetables and my most favourite, 4-minute brownies.

And there are so many more items from bowls, bowls, bowls and lunch kits. For young families, don’t forget the ice cube trays which have a seal to lock in freshness for your homemade baby food. Also who didn’t have one of the Tupperware Shape-O toys when they were young or when their children were young.


My website will show you all the catalogues, including the monthly sale brochure and the fundraising brochure.

And don’t forget the limited lifetime warranty. Any problems, Tupperware can help.


My Facebook group I use to let people know of sales but also of recipes, and cooking tips. I am in the process of developing it further as a resource to help people looking to make their life easier for their family.

Feel free to reach out to me at with any questions you may have on the products or the business.

As a mother, I know how stressful life can be. I would like to be there to help you make it easier and to learn how to Love Your Kitchen Again.

 ~ Dorothy Cundell, Independent Tupperware Consultant

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