Fun Haven 2018* - Review with family

Fun Haven is a fun adventure that provides your family with hours of entertainment. From the minute you walk in the door until the time you leave will be fun and adrenaline packed activities. Some of their attractions are bumper cars, rock climbing wall, video games including air hockey and basketball, make your own FROYO in their cafeteria area and don’t forget all the excitement from the birthday parties and daycare gatherings to corporate events. Fun Havens features right now are their INDOOR ROLLER COASTER and their AWESOME ESCAPE ROOMS!

Do you like escape rooms?

The Fun Haven escape rooms are something EVERYONE should experience. We will share our experience from the Deep Descent.


Austyn 13, Brody 7, Payge 16 and Mandy 35

Escape room and time

Deep Descent Escape, 1 hour


Escape The Octopus

Available staff

Yes. We did need a couple of hints to get started as our young escapers were so excited. Once we set sailing the right direction, the four of us were eager to make the escape.

Theme of the room

From the nautical theme, to the music and clues, this experience will have you and your mates trying to jump ship and escape from the attacking octopus.

I will be very careful explaining our experience to be sure we are not giving any clues, so DO NOT take anything from this article as a HINT, we are not giving any!

When you first walk in the escape room you will notice the theme, textures, antiques and of course a replica of a ship… the part of the ship will be for you to discover. The escape begins the minute you walk in, so be attentive to surroundings, you don’t want to miss anything. The overhead music added to the adrenaline of the escape and created a fun sense of urgency as time wound down. The intensity of the music changed as we got closer to the escape but make sure you stay calm, the octopus is near and you still have some more clues.

If the octopus over takes the ship as he did with us, be prepared for the crashing of waves, high tides and winds while the ship gets thrashed around by a huge octopus.

The escape room was a lot of adrenaline, suspense and team work to find the solutions to the puzzles. This activity is really great team building for a family to do together, without your team you are NOT getting out!

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Do You Like Roller Coasters? Anyone over 4 can ride the INDOOR Roller Coaster!!! 

                The ONLY roller coaster between Montreal and Toronto!

When you arrive to Fun Haven you’re welcomed by the staff to help you decide on your family package or “pay and play” options (there are no admission rates). Enjoy the music, flashing lights and the over all environment of Fun Haven. Be prepared to be awed by the lights and bright colours that are very inviting and instantly say let's play!

The prcing options are varibale by package or a la carte items. To view full pricing, click . The price point was very fair for all the activities they offer and how busy Fun Haven keeps the kids. 

Fun Haven hosts a large video game section offering air hockey, racing games, basket ball and so much more. For every game you play, you collect points that can go towards varying prizes worth different point values. Fortunately for me you can save your points because there's a giraffe that I really want for 1500 points ~ we will be back several more times! a couple of the video games were out of service on the day we were there but there are SO many to choose from for every skill level.  

There are various pricing options and packages available that you can divide and share with the family. For example one of my sons loves video games and the other loves the roller coaster and the bumper cars so they divide their bundle to get more of what they like most! We absolutely love that its custom to the family, budget, time limits and if you want to stay there all day you can do that too.

Fun Haven is a nut free facitity with food on site for purchase and a MAKE YOUR OWN SUNDAY BAR - of course we skipped lunch and opted for candy ice cream. Haha. We genuinely appreciate when children facilities are nut free as we have an anaphalatics in our family. The food court was clean, spacious and green friendly. The dining area is well lit with a decent sized open concept eating area. 

On a silly note... I am a little unsure about those children places where you have to take off your shoes because what do you do when you need to use the washroom ; ) haha you have nothing on your feet and you're in the public washroom. Fun Haven allows you to wear your shoes unless you go into the play area. If you forget socks, they have some there for you to purchase (and they're pretty cute tbh).  

 Look at all the CANDY for the build your own FROYO.The toppings and flavours of FROYO was impresive. It was literally floor to ceiling candy choices with every chewy candy and hard candy a child could ever want. Mom Wins dove in and tried many of the different candies and FROYO and it was delicious. There were 2 flavours that were still freezing but was still choice for the kids, in fact they had a hard time deciding so they mixed 2 flavours together. Do you like chocolate chip cookie dough? This is one of the DELICIOUS FLAVOURS! 

At Funhaven, there's no entrance fee. To make the most of your experience at Funhaven, they decided to adopt the concept of "pay and play", which allows adults to join their kids without playing themselves if they’d prefer.

There's also no tokens or tickets. At Funhaven there are no more of those tiny tokens that get lost and piles of paper tickets from winning the jackpot in favour of the FunCard. The Funcard can be loaded with as much value as you desire for use on our arcade, simulation and skill prize games. Run out of money? Just visit our Fun Experts at the front cashes to load up some more. There's also no expiry on your FunCard, so keep it for next time you visit. The giraffe (in the pic) is a prize that Mandy is saving her points for.

Keep an eye on Mom Wins social media for updates on the progress of getting this prize. Have you or your kids been eyeing a toy there? Keep saving! It won't take long.

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