Giving The Tree A Second Life


At Live Edge Creations, they specialize in creating handcrafted wood furniture for homes and offices. Their mission is to capture and immortalize the natural beauty from the wood so it will live on as elegantly in your home as it did in nature. Each piece is as unique and diverse as one tree is from another. This makes their furniture a perfect centerpiece that will live on in your home for generations to come.

Live edge is becoming much more common in today’s homes. Not only is it beautiful and decorative it’s also eco friendly and versatile to use in all rooms of the house. We are seeing furniture like dining tables, benches and even countertops made out of live edge wood. This natural looking piece of finished decor showcasing the natural bark, beauty and natural stresses within the wood, is just so stunning.

Some of the dining tables feature a slab of driftwood with a knot through the table. Place a frosted glass and coloured light  to add a sophisticated feature when you have family gatherings over for the holidays.

Live Edge Creations is a family run company that bring specialty furniture into your home bringing all of your creative visions to life.

Most live edge pieces are crafted from Alligator Juniper, mesquite and salvaged wood that would not be used in traditional work working projects. Some wood workers opt to leave the open knots exposed in the furniture offering a unique look to the piece while others opt to fill it with resin. Given the type of wood, there are several challenges and different tool requirements to traditional wood working.

Originally live edge was said to be rustic but now it is categorized in two ways, modern and rustic. Rustic furniture is using recycled and reclaimed materials where the modern approach is producing beautiful elegant finished products.

What would your dream piece of live edge furniture be? Follow Live Edge Creations on Facebook to see their works of art and add to your wish list.

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