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Lice Services Canada - Ottawa Head Lice Treatment and Removal has 3 centrally located lice removal and treatment clinics, plus mobile service for your convenience.  Their technicians have been doing lice removal for over 10 years using their exclusive lice treatment techniques. They only use pesticide free lice products to ensure safe lice removal for families.  Their mandate is to educate families on safe ways to get rid of head lice by busting myths.  We are the #1 choice in head lice checks for schools, daycares and camps. Mobile home service offers discreet and professional at your door service. They acknowledge this may be a trying time for you and want to ensure you're comfortable as the technicians carefully and strategically remove lice from the affected area. Once they are through with the treatment, your child receives a certificate that allows them to return to school or daycare.

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Let’s face it, NO ONE says ‘I want these little critters!’ Geez, I’m itchy just talking about it. But it’s a fact of kids! There are some things that you can do to prevent lice but once your kids go to school or day care they will be subjected to it at school. Teaching you child from a young age not to borrow other childrens' clothing/hats will assist in keeping these unfriendly critters away from your kids and their belongings. 

With back to school approaching quickly, be sure to remind your kids;

1- Not to share hats,

2- Teach your children to hang their belongings in their own cubby

3- Not to put other people’s gym clothes in their bag

4- Not to share brushes or combs

5- DO NOT BE TOO CLEAN. Stop washing your hair daily, lice love squeaky CLEAN hair! 

Lets see what the pros have to say about Tea Tree Oil and shampoo

Tea Tree Oil and Head Lice


There are lots of home remedies out there.  Just check the internet but how many work?  Let’s talk tea tree oil and head lice.  We have had many clients say they have used tea tree oil because they didn’t want to use drug store products.  It is great that they were trying to avoid using products that just don’t work and can be harmful to your family.  These clients experience with tea tree oil failed and ended up coming to us for service.  The bottom line is tea tree oil just doesn’t work for treating head lice.

Tea tree oil also known as Melaleuca alternifolia has been used for head lice over the years.  Many people have said using this works in treating head lice.  Yes, tea tree oil does play a role in prevention but not in the treatment of lice.

It is important to realize the difference between a treatment and prevention using tea tree oil.   If you have lice and use tea tree oil the lice will not leave your head because they don’t like the scent.   It does not have anything in it to work as a smothering agent.  People will apply it and leave it on thinking it will suffocate the lice.  This is not the case and it does nothing to get rid of lice and eggs.

The active lice fighting ingredient that is tea tree oil and the lice have built a resistance.  This is because lice have built a resistance to common insecticides such as permethrin which is in various products you can purchase from the drug store.  The bottom line is that tea tree oil as a treatment doesn’t work.

Does tea tree oil work as a preventative? The answer is yes.  Mixing tree oil with water and spritzing on your childs when there is an outbreak at school,  daycare or camp does help.  Though you do have to remember nothing is 100% but it is a scent that the lice don’t like.  Some people put it in shampoo or buy tea tree oil shampoo.  This is a waste of money as when you rinse the hair the scent goes down the drain.  A scent will last up to six hours, so you want to spritz your childs head, coat and backpack just before they head out the door.

The bottom line is that treating head lice with tea tree oil doesn’t work but you can use it as a preventative.  Please note that tea tree oil is poisonous and must be diluted for use.  If you are looking for an alternative to make your own preventative use mint or lavender oil.  It is important to check weekly so that if your child does get head lice you will be able to take care of it quickly.  Not sure your child has lice?  Lice Services Canada can help.   Call 613-482-1432.


How to Check And Treat Lice - Lice Services Canada

1. Verify if it’s really lice.  Not sure?  Send a picture to our experts for a free diagnosis!

2. Getting rid of lice, requires three products:

  • A professional pesticide-free lice shampoo – such as Lice Services Canada (LSC) lice shampoo.
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Professional lice removal comb with microgrooves to remove both lice and eggs (nits).

3. Don’t forget, if you don’t remove the eggs, they will hatch into lice again…who lay eggs… and the cycle continues!

4. Following the directions on the LSC shampoo, make sure you apply and massage the product on the scalp and let it sit for at least 1 hour.

5. Divide the hair into 4 sections – you should only be working on one section at a time.

6. Add conditioner to make the comb move smoothly through the hair when removing the lice.

7. Wipe the comb on a white paper towel to see what has been removed.  Not sure about what you are seeing?  Send us a picture to assess if you’re correctly getting rid of the lice.

8. After finishing completely the combing step, thoroughly rinse your hair.

9. Don’t forget to treat your environment too! Smaller items such as clothes, pillows or sheets should be put in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat. Larger items such as couches, car seats and helmets should be vacuumed. Items that cannot be vacuumed or put in the dryer should be put away for 48h.

10. Do another comb out again 2 days later, this time using only conditioner.

11. About 3 to 5 days after the initial treatment, do another one.

12. Repeat this schedule until you have 2 clear comb outs 3 days apart – otherwise, the lice might return!

Lice Services Canada

13. Too busy? Anxious? Need help to get rid of the lice? Let Lice Services Canada do all the work for you in a fraction of the time! Call us at 613-482-1432. Lice Services Canada is here to answer all your questions and check your child or team at any time.

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