How To Wash Makeup Brushes, 2018

How To Wash Makeup Brushes, 2018

Do you face issues with sensitive skin or frequent breakouts?

Have you noticed that your skin is a little more sensitive then usual but you haven't changed your usual products? Do you find your skin is extra sensitive to the light, your makeup, are you facing more frequent breakouts then usual?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, I have a few recommendations that will offer you solutions to your skin concerns and get you on a path to LOVE your skin again!

After speaking with many people and doing a Facebook poll it was very interesting to learn that most people only wash their make up brushes twice a year. Many of those same people stated they suffer from frequent breakouts, cystic acne and the most common one was skin sensitivities.

How often SHOULD you wash your brushes?

As I mentioned above, the poll suggests most people only wash the brushes TWICE a year! This was shocking to me as we all KNOW what is living inside our brushes or sponges, its your DEAD SKIN. Rinsing your brushes weekly will help remove the build up of oils and dead skin from the surface of the brushes however this is not getting to the deeper layers of your makeup brush so we really don't know what else is living in there. I recommend everyone to wash their brushes and sponges at least twice a month with a good cleanser that is safe to use on your skin. This can help prevent future break outs, build up of oils on your skin and reduce your skin sensitivities. The more we remove the congestions from our pores and allow our skin to breathe, the easier it will be for our skin to repair any damage or remove impurities leaving your skin with a flawless untextured appearance.

What should you use to wash your brushes?

I have tried many brush cleansers and while they have removed the makeup and dirt from the brushes, I always faced breakouts and skin irritations afterwards. I HATED applying makeup after I cleaned my brushes because the irritations were very obvious and the redness would take days to go away.

In the fall, I came across Rodan + Fields Redefine Daily cleaning mask and gave it a try on my skin AND brushes. I immediately loved the mild scent of this cleanser and I found it to be A LOT less gritty than all the other daily face washes. When I used this same cleanser on my brushes, I was AMAZED at how much dirt and make up came out of the brushes. It looked like I had NEVER cleaned my sponge before, EVER! How GROSE! I wash all my brushes weekly and NO LONGER face any skin issues or breakouts!



Weekly brush washing routine

  1. Get a small bowl the is deep enough to submerge all your brushes in water.
  2. Fill your bowl with hot water and place the brushes and sponges in the water. I boil water for this process.
  3. Remove the obvious dirt from the brushes before applying the cleanser to your brush/sponge.
  4. Place a pea sized ball of the Redefine Daily Cleanser on your brush. Wash the brush as thoroughly as you can making sure that you get to the deeper layers of all the hairs (gnarly stuff lives in there).
  5. Rinse and remove there product and left over makeup from the brush
  6. Soak the brush in hot water again for about 5 minutes. This step can be done monthly. This will ensure that you remove all of the unwelcome dirt that will congest your pores and cause skin irritations.
  7. Leave your makeup brushes/sponge out in an airy place to dry. Do not put them away wet! You do not want bacteria or anything else getting into your brushes.
  8. Once your brushes are completely dry you can use them again and be the make up artist you have become.

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Click the link to learn more about parabens and how they will prevent bacteria from building in our makeup, brushes and on our deodorant.

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