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iRobot Robot Roomba Never Vacuum Again! What would you do with all this free time?!

A roomba is a small robotic vacuum designed to suit your busy home and lifestyle. Like any good household appliance, Roomba has thought of EVERYTHING!!! This small robotic vacuum will clean every inch of the floor on schedule and dock itself when the battery is dying.

Roomba Series:

The first generation Roomba- iRobot 200- was available to consumers in 2002. The first series iRobot had 3 buttons for a room size Roomba and as the demands have increased Roomba has introduced newer models with more available options.

The second generation iRobot 400 was introduced with a larger dirt canister and sweeping brushes to get the hair and finer particles off the floor. This Roomba was discontinued in 2010 for the newest model.

The third generation 500 and 600 series were introduced with sensors, auto detection of dirt for the Roomba to slow down and cliff sensors allowing the Roomba to safely be left unattended while it cleaned. The 600 series iRobot came with a docking button allowing you to send it home. The Roomba 530 was introduced with 2 a new virtual wall and it was designed in a way that the consumer could easily repair or replace parts. The last 600 series was introduced in 2017. The 690 is wi-fi compatible and can be operated by an APP ON YOUR PHONE!!

iRobot 700 is very similar to the 500 and 600 series however it has a better battery, HEPA filter and a more robust cleaning system. The 760 and 790 come with extra filters, brushes, cleaning tools, laser wall and lighthouse.

The iRobot 890 changed several components of the older Roombas. With the vacuum design changing, it allowed the vacuum to get closer to the floor picking up the dirt and makes for a quieter machine.

iRobot 900 series thought of everything! This model will use the app showing you the mapping strategies used to get your home clean and outline where it spent more time during the clean. The battery has been revamped and app improved.

I’ve listed many of the practical improvements of the vacuum such as the filters, canister size, ability to trap hair and debris easier with the lowered vacuum but I didn’t mention that this machine can also take your game of BEER PONG to a whole new level (Your're Welcome)

This amazing machine is priceless in our busy home with 5 kids and 3 fur babies. There is no way that we would be able to keep up with our house and busy life without this machine. A lot of people hire a cleaning company because their floors become so dirty so quickly and it's a time consuming chore to do a good job. With the Roomba, all you need to do is pick up anything that is laying on the floors as it would damage the machine. Push the power button and you are on your way to clean floors with NO WORK INVOLVED. A good helper to have in every home is the iRobot.

Mom Wins has been using the same machine going on 3 years. The Roomba is used once to twice daily depending on the traffic of the hosue and maintained 2 times monthly. Once is a partial clean, removing all the hair and dander from the censors on the outside of the machine. The second clean is a full clean where all the small parts and wheels are removed as well as the beater bars and other moving parts. The purpose of this clean is to find all the hair and remove it with the razor provided. With appropriate use of the machine, Mom Wins forsees their baby lasting approximately 5 years without needing new parts.

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Love the Roomba

I have one of these things and I absolutely love it!!!

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