Marked Adventure Park

Marked is an adrenaline packed day with various activities like paintball, ax throiwng, a dig through the Ultimate Sandbox, 20 + obstacle courses and so much more. Head out to Marked for a day that includes a mix of physical activity, teamwork, and best of all, time outdoors to enjoy an action packed day.

Mandy Mulvihill - Bacehlorette party 2017

During the games, each player can find a role to play with various positions, strategies, and game objectives. What sets our paintball game courses apart from the norm is that we are paintball players ourselves and each course is planned out to maximize, both, the fun and challenge of paintball. Players need to work as a team, communicating and making fast decisions to complete each mission. This makes paintball a perfect team-building activity, whether it’s for a birthday party, a family outing, or a corporate group. Paintball is an action-packed game that can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 10. 

The PAINTBALL RENTAL EQUIPMENT is second to none compared to other parks. We rent out above average equipment to give you a better performance result, which will increase your fun and improve your paintball experience. We set the standard with our top-notch paintball gear.

Ax throwing
Huck your way to Adventure with Axe Throwing!

We are the largest facility in the area and our mission is to bring you the thrill of the good old fashion Canadian pastime. 12-14 year old’s must be accompanied by a guardian while in axe throwing zone.

Obstacle course

The course will have 20+ obstacles that will never change. Want to know some of the obstacle you will face at the Race? Of course you do, check out some of our obstacles here

All of the obstacles are pressure treated to protect them from the weather while keeping a rugged look.

Air soft

Low impact paintball is played on all the same fields.

Ultimate Sandbox

Lift, Dig and Push your way to the Ultimate Adventure of fun with our massive Excavators.After a safety orientation and warm up, you take the controls while your instructor guides you through a fun course for your session.  Take control of this Ultimate Machine in a fun filled day the Mega Toys Experience.

Archery Tag


Mandy and Steve spent the afternoon at Marked for their bachelorette/bachelor party - bride vs groom - and had a blast. Marked offered pizza lunch with a canned drink for a very reasonable price as well as offered concessions and protein bars.The owners as very passionate about their community and it reflects in their business and their interactions with the guests. Marked offers several large playing fields all with different challenges and objectives but be sure you and your team mates don’t get marked or the other team will win.

Are you a paintball enthusiast?

Marked offers a Elite membership for the paintballers interested in joining them over the course of the year.

Elite Gold Program level gets you the following benefits in the Park:

• PAINTBALLS: $20 a Bag of Paintballs or $80 for a case of 2000

• BADGE: MARKED Militia Velcro Badge and Car Decal

• FREE Walk-On Paintball Entry & FREE Air Fills (On/Off site)

• REWARDS; Get points for every dollar you spend, 10pts = $1

• 50% OFF Entry to all Scenario Events

• 50% OFF Rental Items (Mask, Tank, Marker, Etc)

• 50% OFF Marked Adventure Walk-On Days (Axe Throw, Archery Tag, Obstacle Course, Laser Tag)

• 10 Battle Buddy Passes each year, each Battle Buddy pass will enable the participant to receive 1 complimentary entry and 1 case of paint at your cost, member must be present during his time.

To learn how to become a member, click here.

Mom Wins will be heading back to Marked with the kids for a game of Air Soft Paintball and eager to spend a day team building through the obstacle courses. Stay tuned for our up coming videos in our Instagram community. 

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