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Simple Dinner Ideas Kids Love

As a mom of 5, our house gets very busy at dinner hour AND life becomes hectic. With all the after work responsibilities, it is tough to make it out the door with a hearty meal that did not arrive in a brown paper bag. Does your family order out often? We use to when we had soccer, cheer, gymnastics, swimming lessos, scouts and so much more. Now that we have called in our kitchen reinforcements - the InstantPot and CrocPot- and our dinner routines have become a lot more convenient AND we are eating WHOLE MEALS!

We learnt a little while ago that it is really easy to combine meals making them universal. Instead of cooking every night of the week, we cook an average of 2 times per week and only heat food the other nights. If you enjoy convenient cooking, casseroles, meat and potatoes and you want to cut your cooking time in half, keep reading. We have a short list of several quick and easy meals you can create using last nights left overs!

Meals Kids Love

Night 1 Prep Night

Prepare enough ground beef for tacos and one additional meal
Sautee veggies for two meals
Grate Chees for 3 meals
Cook 3-5 large chicken breasts (enough for two meals)
Boil Pasta for 2 meals

Enjoy your tacos once your nights cook is done. Add your grated cheese, taco shells, ground beef and sauteed veggies to the table and call the little ones. Tacos is a GO TO in our house and always makes for a really easy dinner. All the leftover taco meat and sauteed veggies will be tossed into the croc pot with some spaghetti sauce, a few spices and your next dinner is on the way.

Night 2 No Cooking Required

Heat up the spaghetti noodles and your dinner is cooked and ready to serve. Save some of the noodles and sauce for tomorrow nights dinner! Do your kids LOVE garlic bread as much as our kids? These guys would eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner if we left them. Night two is super easy with very little clean up and you can be at the rink or soccer field in well under 30 minutes with a full belly. This meal would not be the best pick for a swimming night tho so choose accordingly.

Night 3, STILL NO Cooking Required

Another night of reheating your family's dinner but another night that everyone will come running to the table! Who doesn't love chicken parm?! Night 3 you will be enjoying a plate of homemade chicken parm with all the fixins, throw on some of the leftover cheese from the tacos, drizzle your spaghetti and chicken with sauce and enjoy! We love making chicken parm to follow spaghetti night to use up all the left overs and enjoy such a different meal the second time.

Night 4, you guessed it- STILL NO COOKING!

Use all the left overs, piecing meals together that are whole and filling. Some of our go to's for these meals are nachos/quesadillas with chicken, cheese, salsa and sauteed veggies. Since you have everything cooked all you need to do is reheat and plate. By having a variety of cooked food on hand, it allows you to have something for your fussy eaters or your family memebers that may be arriving a little later on. If you're heading into a really busy week throw in an extra roast pork for pulled pork sandwiches, pulled pork nachos or pork and potatoes with salad. There are so many ways for you to get cerative and simple with your meals and meal prep.

If you're loooking for more meal ideas and suggestions, we invite you to join our social communities for many suggestions. We are a bunch of foodies and cook with what we consider a variety of foods so prepare your palate for delicious simple cusine that even your kids will eat. Want to learn about kitchen storage solutions? Check out our Tupperware article by Dorothy. She explains different solutions on how to store, serve and prepare family meals and teaches you the benefits of using Tupperware.

What's for dinner tonight? Do your kids help with the cooking and meal prep in your house?

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