Munchkin Chops Children's Hair Salon

How often have you walked by a salon and seen a child in the chair that is particularly unhappy about the hair cut that is in the works?

I’m sure all of you would love to share in a better experience with your little ones, are we right? Mom Wins has paired with Bree, owner of Munchkin Chops, a home based hair salon, extending 11 years of experience with all of our wiggle and squirmy little ones. Im sure you’re wondering, ‘what is Bree’s secret?


Bree, a loving mom that understands the patience and time required to make a child comfortable and offers them the time to warm up to their environment. This active and outdoorsy mama enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, camping and anything else that keeps her outside. Bree is always smiling, laughing and welcoming to new faces. Bree obviously enjoys being social which will be demonstrated the minute you meet her.If her warm and nurturing approach doesn’t do it, she has a game console there to occupy your kids curious minds and 3 cars for the kids to choose from that they sit in while they get the hair cut.

Mom Wins has personally benefitted from Munchkin Chop’s service and found ourselves amazed by how much Bree moves around with the little ones. Rather than Bree asking the kids to sit still or keep their head up, Bree has developed a keen skill for moving around with the kids as they move and offering a quality cut with few, to no tears and a ride in the cool cars! Happy kids, happy parents and suckers all around. If you prefer evening, weekend or holiday cuts, book in advance as spaces tend to fill quickly!


Munchkin Chops offers convenient evening and weekend appointments or if you want to beat the rush offers Monday to Friday day service. Hours of operation can be found on our Facebook Page. Munchkin Chops excels with 5 years experience and recently just expanded with their move and new shop! Have you booked your tour? Contact Munchkin Chops today.

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