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Welcome to the OCR Academy!

OCR Academy is about fun. Remember running, climbing, jumping and playing as a kid? You were getting TONS of awesome exercise - and it didn't even feel like it, did it?

We want you to run, jump, play - and feel like that again! OCR Academy is about fitness. The OCR puts FUN back in functional fitness!

When we're fit, we're ready to meet each day and fulfill our responsibilities with focus and energy. When we're fit, not only do we survive - we thrive. Fitness is important for our bodies, for our minds, and for how we meet each day.

OCR Academy is about life

Physical fitness is integral to a healthy life. That includes being active, building mental and physical resiliency, and making healthy food choices. We work with you to build all that. We even have nutrient-dense food choices - like fresh shotgun coffee, sparkling coconut water, Kombucha, and protein-packed energy bars - at Goatberry Cafe for you. You know, just in case you get peckish post-workout. We encourage you to bring your own chalk as you will most likely need it. But please respect the cleanliness of our facility.

Obstacle Training. For fun. For fitness. For life

The rates are very reasonable! For 90$ a month (annually) or $120 a month (monthly) your child can get in the best shape of their lives, and can do so by simply playing. When you register for the Fit Kids Program, you will have access to 6 classes. Simply pick the days you want (those are your days for the month) plus, you can also come to open gym as well. Parents, imagine you drop your child for the class, and they can stick around for open gym afterwards, what would you do with 2-3 hrs of free time? 

To fully understand just how amazing this place is check out the vidoe below. If you're interested in learning more about the OCR and their obstacle courses (indoor / outdoor) check out their website. Your kids will literally climb the walls floor to ceiling, climbing with ropes, swinging on hanging rings starting at one end and swinging to the other. You're children will be exhausted by the time they come home from Obstacle Fit Kid. Mom Wins is looking forward to going back for another visit soon. Join our Social community to see all the amenities OCR has to offer your kiddos.

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