Packing Your Hospital Bag When You Have Your Baby

Congratulations On The Soon Arrival of Your Little One

One Would think it would be simple to pack an over night bag when you're welcoming your first, fifth or tenth child but the truth is, you're always left guessing what to pack. In this article we are going to show you our top 11 must haves in your bag for you, baby and partner. 

  1. An extra pillow for you or your spouse.
  2. A heating pad or hot water bottle. This will help your after labour as the cramps can tend to be a lot.
  3. Slippers or big socks. Hospitals are not always warm or clean so having something on your feet is a good idea.
  4. Breast pads (regardless of whether your nursing). When your milk comes in, it doesn't know your plan and naturally produces in the beginning. The pads will make sure your not a mess of colustrum or milk.
  5. Hair brush, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Most hospitals don't carry personal toiletries. 
  6. Personal hygine products. The hospital does offer them and they are good for the short term however you may want something a little more familiar to you.
  7. A face cloth. Believe it or not the hospital may only have disposable cloths on the maternity ward. A warm wash cloth was an added comfort through the labour and delivery process. 
  8. A phone charger. This one doesn't need an explaination. You have everyone waiting to hear the news!! 
  9. A photographer. As a PROUD new parent, you want to capture your entire experience on camera and not miss a memory. If this is something you are considering, speak to the hosiptal about their policies before hand to avoid any interruptions or disappoitments.
  10. Head phones or ear plug. Even if you have your own private room, the hospital is loud. Especially the maternity ward!! A pair of head phones may let you catch a few zzzzz's or allow you to watch those tutorials to help with nursing or understanding what the 24 hour blood test is all about. 
  11. A CAR SEAT. You MUST have a car seat before you can leave the hospital. The nurse will assist you in placing your child in the seat and ensure the safety and validity of the seat. The drive home is going to be one you will remember. You will be going so slow worrying about the baby, the babes neck and every little bump in the road. Welcome to parenting! It is one of the best emotional roller coasters you will ever go one, enjoy!
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