The Pottery Play House

Want To Paint Ceramics?

The Pottery Play House is a Stittsville based business that offers different painting classes, seminars, kids days and ceramic painting.

When Mandy and Brody went to The Play House for the afternoon they were amazed by the selection of ceramic molds there were to choose from. Brody quickly put on his thinking cap to decide whether he wanted to make stemware or a bedroom decoration. He opted to go with a candy jar and painted a pokeball from Pokemon.

The instructions were given to use before we entered the paint area to paint and we gave our painting fee of non perishable food for the local food bank. Pottery Play House has choose not to accept a paint fee and instead choose to pair with the local food bank for donations. From the moment Mandy learnt about this being the Play Houses’ practise she knew that she wanted to work with them and made the connection.

Items the food bank is always in need of;

Canned protein
Feminine hygiene products
Tooth brush and tooth paste
And of course FOOD


After the hand washing was explained and completed were moved on to our paint table.

On each of the tables are paint are;
  • Paint palets
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Water - you may want to remind your child this is NOT drinking water.
  • Paper towels
  • Pencils

You are able to start painting once you have picked out your paint colours and brush. Don’t forget to be creative. You don’t have to paint things the traditional colours, you can create some really cool designs or patterns on any piece you choose. After giving the ceramic piece 3 even coats of paint we were ready to hand over the piece to be fired in the kiln. This process meant that we would return a week later for pick up and then have the candy dish at home for Brody to enjoy.

A few things that we learnt:
  • the paint looks like a different colour
  • paint lightest colour to darkest
  • the kilns reach temperatures between 1800 degrees and 2600 degrees.
  • There are classes at Pottery Play House

Mandy looks forward to returning with the family to make pizza plates for their family Friday pizza nights. As well, near the Christmas holidays, Pottery Play House offers paint nights for the kids to make decorations for the grandparents, aunts and uncles. This is a NO PARENT ZONE so you drop your young one off and return in a couple of hours of free time, you deserve it. 

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