Rodan And Fields Welcome To My Journey

What's All They Hype With Rodan + Fields

When I first started on my journey with Rodan and Fields I told myself I was gonna get rich. I pictured myself driving the Lexus, spending the pay cheques, going on the team trips... oh and of course being invited on stage with some of the really great mentors, like the Founders themselves.

I wanted the dream so bad. I have the drive. I have the fire. I know my why, so off I set on my get rich QUICK journey.

Very quickly, I pissed off all my friends and family, likely made perfect strangers believe I’m cray cray with my passion for these products... oh wait, I mean getting rich... and needless to say my journey, was short lived.

When I realized my plan wasn’t going to work, I was upset with myself. I let myself down because my dream was so big and so genuine. But it served no purpose, had no actual time to build relationships, learn the products, put in the hard work and time that was needed to build such an amazing dream. But instead, I feel like I failed. (Remeber this statement, I refer to in later in the blog). I didn’t want to offer myself the time needed or the permission to accept that just because mission get rich wasn’t going to work, I could still promote a product I LOVE. Instead, I stopped talking about it and only focused on my cleaning company, family (hubs, kids, friends) and Mom Wins.

I knew in my heart I wanted to sell Rodan and Fields more than anything and I didn’t know why my techniques weren’t working and why I wasn’t building the relationships; I was talking to EVERYONE!

I finally went to a local psychic, Siri, you know Siri right?!.. reliable source...
So I asked Siri, Siri why do I suck at this sales thing.
Siri said why.
I said why what Siri? Stop kicking me while I’m down and likely a couple F bombs in there. I felt so defeated.
Why do I suck at sales and why do these people, with skin, not want my skin care?!? Siri upset me and / or I was in a state of frenzy..

So I decided to type in a few questions into the search bar and discovered very quickly what I was doing wrong. I learnt that my heart and my passion were going in opposite directions and either were conflicting. The heart and money don’t spiritually go together. My passion was the drive that was going to take me to a superficial want but that wasn’t who I was. My projection and what I was showing people wasn’t that I loved the products, wasn’t that I cared if they worked or they didn’t.

My belief and spirit were not introducing you to R+F with knowledge and certainty. It was my need to self gratify and sell remember? I was going to get rich quick!!

I sold myself short. I disappointed myself but I’ll tell you, I DIDN'T fail.
Failing is when you stop trying.
So in part I’ll admit I failed. In the best way anyone could. I admitted that I was ambitious in my dreams and I couldn’t meet my dead lines.
I admitted that I did not want to sell ANYTHING ever again! Instead, what I was going to do was maintain my relationships, talk to those interested in Rodan + Fields but I wasn’t going to "force" thing. If the prospect in front of me chooses to buy, it wasn’t because it was pushed by me. It was because I did a good job explaining the benefits of the skin care and because I answered all their questions.

I realized early on, if anyone is going to take part in anything you have as an offer its because they believe in you. They believe in your passion and they believe that your product is going to solve their problem.

Without my sales pitch and my stop light message, with out all the ways we were told to embark on this mission, I set my own sail and started to work on those relationships.

Meeting new friends, new business associates. New mentors, new leaders but most of all a new clear outlook of who I was, why I honestly wanted to join this business and how I was going to work it each day with commitment and sincerity until finally, I succeeded.

Today, I sit here thankful for so many things in my life family, health, laughter, freedom, positivity, education, resources and one thing I will tell you is I AM NOT INDEPENDENTLY WEALTHY but I feel like the richest damn woman there is. No one ever told me that finding myself through this journey WAS my GET RICH! No one ever told me that this part of my life was going to be filled with so many emotional roller coasters, so many laughs and things to celebrate and then so many lows that I can’t count.
No one ever reminded me you have to have the bad days, the tough moments or the sad memories to appreciate the great days, the fun moments and the lasting memories. You have to be brave and face this thing we call stress... BUT MANY others, call life.

When I joined Rodan + Fields, I joined a skincare company to get rich. Sounds alright doesn’t it?! Until you fall FLAT. ON. YOUR. FACE.

I may not be independently wealthy but I have my priorities straight. Today, tomorrow, the next day, I welcome you to introduce yourself to a new version of yourself, a new outlook, a new positivity and determination that I hope I am able to teach JUST ONE PERSON. 


8 months later, I can tell you that I have a real relationship with Rodan + Fields. I get frustrated with it. I have to treat it nicely and entertain it. Every now and again we go out for dinners, hang out around the house, watch Netflix, meet up with friends ... You get the idea. Rodan + Fields isn’t work. It’s a commitment that I have made to myself and family for us to lead rich and whole lives. These rich lives are not calculated by dollar amounts in our bank account or how many down lines we have. These rich lives are about the wholesome relationships that we share with ourselves and others. How we unite others and build collectively to BUILD. OUR. DREAMS. good days and bad days... days, months and years at a time we stay loyal to the new learnt ethics and virtues that we practise and claim. These are the virtues that are going to build your community and in turn define your riches.

The next time someone says to me, ‘it’s only skin care’ or ‘oh it’s just skincare’ I’ll tell you, it’s far more powerful than that.

Have you been feeling like you want a change?

You’re likely tired... I was!

Still am actually, it’s just a different tired. LOL. But seriously, the only thing standing between me and my want to change and my desire of an easier life, WAS ME!

Isn’t that crazy?!

Let’s talk about what you might be interested in. It doesn’t have to be skin care or amazon. But invest in yourself people because you only have one life to live and one chance to get your dream.

Let’s smash those dreams together.

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