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How Many Times Per Week Do You Have To Vacuum Your Floors?

Lets talk about your floors and all the maintenance required to keep them clean.
Do you have pets? Kids? A high traffic home? Busy life? No motivation to clean?

If so, this appliance is for you.

Lets face it house work is never done! And with such a fast paced life, there are too many other things to keep up with, that floor cleaning shouldn’t be one of em.

Two years ago, Mandy’s husband bought a gift. This gift was a brave one… Most men wouldn’t buy their wife a vacuum for Christmas, unless it does the cleaning for you. Mandy had spoke about the Roomba’s often given that she had seen and used them in many of her clients homes. Over the years she had mentioned the upgrades that iRobot had been coming out with and continued to mention her desire to owning one some day.
With 2 dogs, 2 cats and 5 kids, Steve knew this was the hottest item on Mandy’s wish list and although skeptical, he bought it for Mandy

Mandy and the kids picked up all the toys from the busy morning and ran the Roomba. They really wanted to see how well the appliance was going to work for their busy home and family and how they would integrate the appliance into their day-to-day life. Within moments of the Roomba being set up, the house work was being done and no one had to lift a finger. Given the main floor of their home is low lying area rugs, hardwood and ceramic tile, Mandy and Steve wanted to know exactly how it was going to work on the carpet. They brought the machine to their youngest daughters room and let it run until the battery died. The amount of dander and hair removed from the carpet was DISGUSTING. It maintained the baseboards and even got under the edges of the dressers.

iRobot Roomba Review

Over the last 3 years this appliance has been run multiple times per day and an additional iRobot has been brought into the house to make cleaning easier. This Roomba is ideal for every home with or without kids or pets. The most current Roomba offers consumers the flexibility of adding an app to your phone so you and your Roomba can sync together and get you home to a clean house. One of the bonuses we found with the Roomba is all the parts are washable vs disposable making it more affordable to operate and better for our land fill. The machine does require frequent cleaning to avoid damaging the machine and motor. Check out our Youtube video to learn exactly how to maintain the Roomba, clean the Roomba parts and learn more about the replacement kits ($49.99). The Roomba line is very fairly priced given their life span, how often we use them and the limited maintenance. We have acquired not one but two iRobots and feel confident saying they are a part of the family - we wouldn’t want to live without them.

Have you been considering the Roomba for your special someone this holiday season?

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