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Recreational Cheer

Recreational Cheer is designed to teach the basic introductions to the cheer teaching jumps, chants and stunting. Participants will learn all the exciting elements of competitive cheerleading while they navigate through the rec team. This class is perfect for someone just looking into the sport with a limited skill set. Royalty offers coaching of all levels but all operate with the same honour and integrity. Royalty will teach your little one rhythm, gymnastics and dance skills that they will use to coordinate themselves through their cheer routine for family and friends at the end of their session.

Recreational Class Descriptions

Royalty offers a close nit recreational cheer & tumbling program with different options, we have a class for everyone! If you have any questions about registration or our classes we would love to hear from you

At Royalty, we value the importance of providing quality lessons and direction to our children that walk through the door. We are passionate about teaching proper technique and strong basic skills to even our littlest Royals. We are excited to share our love of cheer with athletes of all ages!

At Royalty Elite, our mission is to implement a strong sense of structure, work ethic, and positive reinforcement through our dedicated, certified staff in developing the entire All-Star athlete. Our program stands strongly behind it's core family vales and it is through this mentality that we strive to create a new era of Cheerleading in Canada! With Recreational and Competitive teams from Levels 1 - 5, there is a place for everyone at Royalty! Over two seasons, our teams have earned multiple Championship Titles at the Regional and National level. In April of 2017, our Open International All-Girl Level 5 team (Queens) will be our first team in the gym to qualify and compete at the USASF World Championships in Orlando Florida!


Tumbling is a very important aspect of the cheer routines and something that requiures a strong commitment and a desire to learn. It may take time for your little one to master the skill they are working on. With consistent practise your chid will be doing cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, tucks and more. Every class includes flexibility and conditioning to help improve strength and flexability. All classes are divided into levels to ensure every athlete is challenged and leanring appropriate skills to meet their abilities. 

House keeping details
What to Wear To Practise

• t-shirt

• shorts

• indoor running shoes

• hair tied up in a ponytail (if applicable)

•sports bra


A cheerleader's shoe is an essential part of the cheerleading outfit. Cheerleading shoes provide support and comfort for performances, stunts, and practices. A lighter shoe will allow the athlete to perform easier and offer support during the high impact jumps and landing. Nifinity shoes allow for all the proper suppport and the appropriate weight allowing your athlete to meet their true potential. 

There are many benefits of cheerleading that teaches you a lot of important lessons and instills positive traits and characteristics.

Here are some highlights:
  • One of the most important things cheerleading instills is confidence. 
  • Cheerleading also teaches you teamwork. The ability to work with other people to achieve a goal is an aspect of cheerleading that carries over into your personal or professional life, as well. Teamwork makes you a better cheerleader, but it also sets you up for success outside of the gym. 
  • Cheerleaders often excel at things outside of the world of cheerleading, like school, jobs, other sports, clubs, and hobbies due to the sport instilling strong work ethic.

Have you been considering joining a team? Connect with Royalty today to learn all about thier programs, private lessons, competitive teams and so much more. This gym is equiped with spring mats, strong coaches, an open environment to talk and owners that allow for an open door policy allowing the athletes to be a success. 

Mom Wins loves everything about the environment that Royalty offers and invites you to take a look at their programs or visit the gym and chat with the coaches. Payge has spent the last 10 years progessing through different cheer, dance and gymnastic skill sets and still enjoys the sport just as much as the day she joined. 

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