Stephanie Presenting Stella And Dot

Stella & Dot Presented By Stephanie Campbell

Too many women struggle with balancing family life and a successful career, so we launched our company with a simple mission: to help women be their own boss, on their own terms. Stella & Dot is more of a community than a company, more of a movement than an old-school business. Here, we believe in you doing you, better than you've ever done before. And nothing is more gorgeous than that.

I believe that "we are what we wear, we wear what we are"... I believe that the power of our style choices - our jewelry, clothing, all accessories have the power to tell a story, to share who we are, what we believe in and value.I believe adding sparkle on the outside brings out our inner sparkle empowering us with confidence and being the best we can be. Before becoming a stylist I experienced this first hand - I have a history of mental illness and have scars to prove it and am often self conscious about them. When I feel good in in what i’m wearing, I’m less aware of what I always wear.

Design is the difference

Our award-winning design team handcrafts our pieces with care in NYC and Sausalito. We obsess over every details, creating custom facets for each stone, beading by hand, and fabricating unique metal components you won't find anywhere else.

Integrity is always in style.

It starts with our mission to create flexible income for women - and we do even more than that. We strive to be a company women are proud to say they're part of. With intergrity as our goals,we are committed sourcing and producing our products in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. We work only with partners who share our values for social responsabilities.

Our standards

Cutting corners is never in style. We hold our partners to high standards for the quality and safety of the work environment they provide.

That means our factories must:

• Comply with local laws regarding the minimum age of employees

• Not use any type of involuntary or forced labor, including indentured, bonded, prison or slave labor

• Treat all workers with respect and dignity

• Base employment on an individual’s ability to do the job, not on personal characteristics or beliefs

• Treat women workers equally in all aspects of employment

• Comply with all local environmental laws applicable to their operations

• Provide workers a clean, safe, and healthy work environment

Stella and Dot is all about bringing friends and family together to share in passion for clothing with or without the kids. Stella offers super comfortable and relaxing day or night attire and allows a stylist the chance to get to know you and your preferences in fashion.

Trunk Sale - Here’s how it works

Invite your friends over, pour some drinks, put out some treats, and keep it low-key.

Try it all on

Your Stylist will bring our latest collection to your place—it’s like a pop-up shop in your home.

Get Rewarded

Your perks include free items and 50% off, plus the option to share your rewards with charity.

What to learn more about Stella and all their great products? Get in touch with Stephanie today! 

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