Struggles With Ear Infections

Do your kids struggle with constant ear infections? Do they love to swim but every time you get them in the pool they end up with ear infection? This has been our reality for the last 7+ years with our youngest son Brody.

Brody was roughly 9 months old when he started getting really bad ear infections causing extreme fevers, cold and flu type symptoms and a very upset little baby. He was always very loud because he couldn’t hear well and faced issues of his ear drum rupturing because the infections would get so bad. He saw our family doctor on several occasions as well as walk in clinic doctors and when things got really bad we would have to go to emerg.

Finally, when Brody was 18 months old he had tubes put in his ears to help prevent the infections. The expectation was that the tubes would be enough to help his body develop the biological tubes in his ear and the synthetic tubes that were surgically implanted would fall out. The procedure was roughly 10 minutes from start to finish which made it much less emotional for mom and dad but seeing your little one be put to sleep is so sad making ten minutes feel like an eternity. Brody was spoiled and cuddled A LOT after his procedure but by day 3 he was back ot his normal active and busy boy self again.

As planned the tubes fell out but Brody’s biological tubes didn’t develop meaning we were right back to ear infections, no swimming and naturally all the cold and flu type symptoms. My poor guy cannot place his ears in the bath water without getting an ear infection however he’s a little fish. What is a mom to do?

We recently went back to the specialist to understand what the next step was for Brody. Our little guy has had too many infections again and takes WAY TOO MANY scripts. The ENT appointments are always more on the fun side. The kids get to go in a "fridge" that is sound proof and tell the audiologist when they hear the different sounds that are quietly playing in the headset. They also check the pressure in the ears to understand if there are holes in the ear drum that can contibute ot hearing difficulties. This appointment was more impressive than previus appointments as it ONLY took 1 hour. 

Our ENT Doctor told us to get an ear band for the tub and swimming to see if that works for keeping water out of his ears. She made her other medical recommendations and set ya up with a follow up appointment.

We opted to go with the Ear Band-It for Brody to cover his ears. This head band offers a neoprene band that covers the ears entirely and has an adjustable Velcro at the back of the band. The package also comes with 2 silicone plugs to place inside the earlobe. Make sure the whole void of the ear is sealed with the silicone to prevent water from leaking in the ear.

Place the head band on the child and let them play on the tub or pool. Thanks to Ear Band - It Brody is now able to swim, do flips off the diving board and have fun in the bath without having the worry of being sick. 

Does your loved one struggle with swimmers ear? We would love to hear what's worked for you.


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