Tower Garden And Family Gardening

Tower Garden: The New Family Farm

For years I would drive by this giant farmers field every day to and from work.  I loved the beautiful shades of green, the way the sun would rise and fall in the fresh field.   There wasn’t one season that wasn’t beautiful.  Then, one spring morning, a FOR SALE sign went up on the property.  My heart felt a strain for a brief moment and my mind couldn’t quite believe what my eyes had seen.  I was sad; I knew what was coming….another subdivision.  Sure enough, not even a month later S O L D.  My drive was never the same after that.

I couldn’t help but wonder " If we just got rid of all this land, that use to grow the food for the people then where are we going to grow our food?  At the time I was just a basic home gardener.  I had two black thumbs and an unusable space in my backyard. I knew that I had to start doing something in order for my family to have food security.  I was tired of hearing about listeria outbreaks.  I was tired of the rotten smell I would sometimes get when opening a plastic salad container, that was still well before the ‘best before date’… I was tired of buying food that was dressed up like a cucumber but tasted like nothing.  I missed farm fresh nutrition and flavour in the winter months. That’s when I was introduced to the Tower Garden.  My life and the lives of thousands of people across North America, have been changed forever because of this simple, easy to use, soilless garden.

Tower Garden is a unique plug and grow system that grows vertically, uses no soil, has an automated watering and lighting system (when used indoors) that allows you to grow anywhere from 20-52 plants at once in a space no larger than 3’ x 3’.  Imagine being able to grow over 150 different veggies, herbs, fruits and flowers, inside and outside your home, 365 days a year, right here in Canada!  I know CRAZY right?  Tower Garden means you have your very own farmers market right at your fingertips.  I went from two black thumbs to entering my 10th successful urban farming season.  Our family has saved so much money by growing year round, that we are now able to buy all organic for the stuff we can’t grow.

It’s been proven that kids are more likely to eat a vegetable they grow than one that they didn’t. I’ve been working with schools for over 3 years now to integrate the Tower Garden into the curriculum, and the impact they are having is incredible!  I’d love to help get one in your child’s school too!  To find out more information and 5 reasons why you should seriously consider growing your own food. Please check out my site

Mom Wins is very passionate about healthy foods and nutrition as well as cutting back on the grocery bill. To learn how the Tower Garden has helped cut back follow our social comminities ~ Facebook ~ Instagram 

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