What Is Acne

Skin care has really only shown it self to be COMPLICATED... but I promise you, it doesn’t have to be! 

Follow our journey and we will teach you all about skin care, skin issues, why they occur and how you can treat them before they start. If you have a particular skin concern, feel free to send us a message over Facebook and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

What causes acne?

Acne can be caused by excess sebum oil and clogged pores. Research suggests that hormones may play a role in why some people get acne while others don’t. Some innocent factors that play a toll on those unfriendly blemishes are dehydrated skin, over hydrated skin meaning the skin cannot breathe, diet, stress, make up and hormones. Look out ladies! This is why we get those deeper blemishes right around the time your Aunt Flow decides to pay you a visit. Junk food + hormones + stress + more hormones = BAD BREAKOUTS. Keep reading for tips on how to get rid of blemishes, redness, inflammation, whiteheads/black heads etc. 

How many of you LOVE to exfoliate?

I know this use to be my FAVOURITE part of my old skin care routine. I would get my mask on there and wait the recommended time period. The next thing I knew my skin was scaling days later, huge red marks on my chin, cheeks, forehead and jaw line. What I’ve learnt is over exfoliating can also cause or contribute to breakouts. Our skin produces natural oils that can be broken down with too many cleansing products. Instead of using exfoliating as a means to remove the dirt or oils you think may be on your skin, assess the hydration of your skin and the areas around the blemishes.  If your skin looks dry drink more water throughout your day and apply a good am and pm moisturizer. 

Why do you get pimples or have breakouts in the same places?

Did you know if your immune system is compromised it can actually play a toll on why these reoccurring blemishes return in the same spot as last month and three months before that? The reason for this is because the skin cells have been damaged and the pore walls are broken down. This means all the dirt can easily work it’s way into your broken skin. 

How does your immune system play a role in the look of your skin? 

When you are sick with a cold of flu your pores become more susceptible to airborne dirt/germs getting into your skin and the oils being trapped making it impossible for the impurity to breathe. A steam mask with a cool water compress is a great way to close your pores after they’re cleansed because you don’t want environmental microscopic dirt getting in through those impurities. 

Why does the same particular pore seem to ALWAYS have blemishes reform? 

The more we squeeze, pop or scratch our blemishes the more damage we cause to the pore. If you’re squeezing the skin hard or using instruments to pop the blemish like a pimple popper you are acting causing natural weakness to the wall of the pore making it easier for future breakouts to reoccur in that same spot because of oil or dirt build up. 

While it isn’t always bad to pop a blemish the ones that keep coming back in the same place need to be handled a little differently. The first thing you want to do is treat the area gentle and mildly being kind to the skin around the impurity as well as the actual blemish. Do not squeeze, pop or scratch the area as you’re risking infection getting in from under your finger nails. Instead use soothing agents like steam baths to open the pores just before you add ingredients like sunflower seed oil, bees wax, avacado oil that you will find in our Rodan + Fields Unblemish Regimen. These ingredients will reduce the inflammation which will reduce the overall size of the blemish and work with your skin to extract the impurity from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface where they will then be gone. Rodan + Fields MD Therapy provides you with all the right ingredients, in the right order and the exact amount so you’re left with beautiful and flawless skin. 

How does Unblemish work?

All of our regimens use the Multi-Med Therapyprocess. Our Unblemish regimen commits to helping you through the entire acne process from blocked pores and build up of excess oils and prevents new blemishes from forming. This process is possible with the use of concentrated ingredients and rich formulas.

When can I expect to see results? Most people see results within 40 days of using our regimens. If your acne is severe it may take longer for you to see full improvements as it is clearing up a lot of the damaged skin and undertones/restoring your pigment. However, you will still see results within the 40 day time frame. 

Do you have a different skin concern and cannot find a solution? Feel free to take our complimentary personalized skin care quiz to learn the best regimen for you and your skin!

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