Xtreme Trampoline, Kanata - Mom Wins Review 2018*

Mom Wins Meets Xtreme Trampoline and jumped off the walls, LITERALLY!! 

Welcome to Xtreme Trampoline Park

Xtreme Trampoline Park prides itself in being the city’s premier recreation and leisure facility for fun and fitness. Xtreme Trampoline Park is dedicated to delivering AWESOME! We're the place where you can experience off the wall fun, literally! And it's fun for the whole family. 

When Mom Wins arrived to Xtreme Trampoline there was a lot of available parking at no cost. I noticed right away that the facillity was accessible as well, huge bonus to many families including ours - good job Xtreme! The entrance was a simple corridor hiding the colourfully lined floors of trampolines, dodge ball courts, basket ball nets and more. When Brody from Mom Wins was told about his "job" for the day, he decided he was up for the challenge and ready to give his overall review. What better perspective to offer a review than from the childs eyes, the teens eyes and the parent.

Brody - Age 7, POV - Brody said,'I think it was really fun when I was jumping on the trampolines for 1.5 hours.' Brody flipped onto the air pillows, played basketball, jumped into the foam pits as well as played a game of dodgeball with another family. An hour and a half was enough time for Brody to feel like he had a fun activity and he was tired when he left. Brody is excited to share his experience with his friends and invite our family back for a game of dodgeball. When Mom Wins asked Brody if there was anything he didn't like, he said 'no, I liked everything'. 

Payge - Age 16, POV - Payge said 'As an athlete that benefits from this type of equipment for training and conditioning, I was pleased with the quality and length of the trampolines although it would be great to see an olympic trampoline to work on better air control. This said the trampoline park is alot of fun for a family activity and its cool that everyone in our family could participate (1.5 years to 16 years old). I want to come back on a Friday/Saturday night for one of the evening teen jumps.'

Mandy - Age 35, POV - My initial thought walking in was WOW, THAT IS A BIG BALL OF STICKERS! Xtreme offers entry stickers that the jumpers place on the shirt. When the jumper leaves they have the option to add their sticker to the ball. Clearly there were many satisfied jumpers and return customers so I was looking forward to sharing this time with my kids.

We removed our outer wear and locked valuables in the lockers provided (locks are on a rental basis or bring your own). Once we were ready to start jumping, we were given the briefing on the rules and told to have fun! This is where you could see the full facility and really understand what this place was all about, we knew we were going to have a BLAST! 

Payge and Brody noticed the large bouncing pillow with trampolines in front of them (monitored by staff). The kids were able to bounce and flip off the trampolines landing on the air pillows!! This wasn't an activity for me as I was a little afraid I may break myself but the kids had a lot of fun. We played a couple rounds of basket ball having the chance to use the 3 nets with trampolines. It was really different shootin hoops on a trampoline! I kinda felt like a pro basket ball player when I was slammin dunks on the highest hoop. We made way to the trampolines that lined the WALLS and the FLOORS in a HUGE open area where the kids could do flips, jumps, bounces and anything else they could safely think to do. This was my kind of activity! The kids and I could interact but we all had the chance to be independent during the activity. Payge worked on her tumbling and Brody practised his front flip while I jumped and did a couple "butt bounces" as the kids called it.

The toddler section was another area that was really safe and well thought out. The foam pit was full with flush padded mats and appropriate padding lining the foam pit. The foam blocks were a lot of fun to toss at each other but have you ever tried to get out of a foam pit in a hurry?! I don't know if it's age but I couldn't move very quick in there haha. Brody on the other hand was able to crawl across the top, hitting me with the blocks everytime! Haha.

Mom Wins overall review

Cost: Cost varies by the time you choose to jump ~ see full price list

Parking: Available at no cost

Age Range for activities: Toddler to adult

Age Range as a spectator: New born to seniors

Parent Friendly: Yes, parents pay to bounce

Socks Required: Yes. If you forget they are available for purchase - new pair with each jumper

Mom Wins Participants: Brody, Payge and Mandy

Date Friendly: Yes. Payge and Mandy both agreed it would be a fun place to go on a date. 

Accessible: Yes

Cafeteria onsite: Yes (we had breakfast before arriving)

Picnic area available: Yes

Parental Sitting area with wifi: Yes

Activities to do at Xtreme 

Xtreme night

Three AWESOME events every weekend

  • Fridays 9PM - 11PM (All Ages)

  • Saturdays 8PM - 10PM (All Ages) 

  • Saturdays 10PM to Midnight (Ages 16+)

  • $25 each - socks and taxes included!

​What's so AWESOME?

  • 2 hours of jump time

  • Beats spun by a live DJ

  • Club lights show

  • 1 free Gatorade/G2 or Water Bottle.

  • 1 pair of Xtreme socks

Toddler Time

​Open to children aged 4 and under, toddler time is held in a separate section of the park — Kiddie Kourt, where parents can sit and play with their children. Children must be supervised by their parents at all times. Parents however are not allowed to bounce on the trampoline with their child ~First Child $15 ~Siblings $8

Birthdays & Events

Need a place to host your next event?

Look no further. XTPark is the place to host your Birthday Parties, Team Parties, Work Parties, IceBreaker events... You name it…. More than likely they can host it! Learn more about their party packages or group rates

Check out Xtreme's Virtual Tour

Mom Wins highly recommends Xtreme Trampoline as a family fun activity to let your little ones burn off that extra energy. The facility is very safe for all of its users with the appropriate ceiling heights, pads and bumpers to prevent the children from getting hurt. Staff are always watching to make sure their jumpers are safe and following the rules while interacting and being playful with them too.

The parent lounge was a nice option for new parents to cuddle their new born, somewhere to take a business meeting or get some work done or even just to sit and RELAX while your little one plays - YOU DESERVE IT, DON'T FEEL GUILTY!!

Xtreme is well maintained and is very cosmetically pleasing with its modern open concept layout, minimalized floor plan that proves well for no tripping hazards, easy to view your kids from almost anywhere, and the trampoline area is accessible to walkers, wheel chairs and strollers. Mom Wins had A LOT of fun at Xtreme and plan to return with a larger group next time for a good round of Dodgeball. See you soon Xtreme!

Join Xtreme's social community to learn more about their corporate packages, birthday party offers or even an afternoon of fun with your little one. I really loved letting out my inner child with this activity and also learnt just how out of shape I am!! 

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