Feeding Options For You and Your Little One

Can Imaginary Play Be Unhealthy?

In this episode: The parent of a 5-year-old girl and 2.5-year-old boy describes their play as generally creative and happy, but she sometimes observes what she believes is “manipulative behavior and unkind talk during disagreements.” This mother i

Dad Feels Undermined and Defeated by Partner’s Lack of Limits

In this episode: Janet responds to an email from a stay-at-home parent who feels his efforts to establish and maintain boundaries during the day are undercut when his spouse returns home from work.

Destructive Behavior – Why It Happens and What We Can Do

In this episode: A parent writes that her 5-year-old scratched up her husband’s car with a rock, and the damage will cost thousands of dollars to repair.

No Remorse for Aggressive Behavior

In this episode: Janet responds to an email from a parent whose 6-year-old boy has been hitting and pinching his younger sister and others, and she’s alarmed because he shows no remorse for his behavior.


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