About The Founders

Mandy and her daughter Payge thought it would be a fun idea to bring parenting to you from both perspectives- the kids side and the parents side.

Ever wonder what the hell your kid was thinking when they suddenly changed one day, stopped talking, refused to eat anything healthy and spoke like they were 30 years old… ALL OUT OF NO WHERE?! Stick around to hear real life experiences from parents alike AND learn new coping strategizes for your sake and the sake of your kiddos.

Mandy and Payge plan to give you the the good, the bad and the ugly while sharing many laughs and lots of informative content to help you through the struggles and journey of parenting. They plan to cover topics related to Mandy’s pregnancies, meal planning, toilet training, work habits, sleep schedules, after school rituals and SOOOO much more. Remember, Mandy and Payge are not experts on everything so they are seeking and sharing the advice of professionals on some of the more sensitive areas of discussions among parents to ensure you have the best information and reviews on products or services.

This mother-daughter team are super excited to get creative with you and invite you on their journey as they enter the terrible two’s with the youngest and the threenager stage with the second youngest. As well seasoned parents, Mandy and Steve know what they have in their near future but this time the kids are only 10 MONTHS APART the next few months shall be really interesting…

Something that makes this family a little more unique than a family of 7, is Austyn has epilepsy and autism. These diagnosis hasn’t stopped this family from helping Austyn set goals and CRUSH EVERY ONE OF THEM. What this family has learnt is how to be diverse in varying situations to help Austyn be the best version of himself in all of our adventures and outings. With Austyn being on the spectrum, activities are geared towards how he will manage through the day and how we can set Austyn up to be a success. Day-after-day Austyn leaves Mandy with an over all humbleness feeling, she is so proud of Austyn for all of his achievements.

Steve is the rock that holds this functioning dysfunctional family together. Steve is Mandy’s best friend, companion and true partner in life. They have already been through so much together as a family and always advance their way through the various hurdles they’ve had thrown at them. Mandy appreciates all that Steve does to support his family and has really enjoyed watching Steve excel as a father and a husband. Steve is another jokester in the house…Needless to say, he and Brody get along famously and the rest of us shake our heads or laugh our asses off…?!

Brody is the life of the family! This seven year old is always pulling pranks, laughing his butt off about something and has a creative and logical thought process. Brody is very active outdoors, sporty and competitive with his family (mostly his brother) meaning there is not too much he won’t try and he’s not easy to tire. Brody requires a lot more physical exercise to help with his ADHD and more mental work that interests him to tire the mind. ADHD allows Brody to function in a fascinating way BUT stay tuned cause this kid is BUSY!




Isla (2.5) and Makayla (1.5) are our youngest little munchkins. These two add so much fun and spunk to our household. They are both such bright little girls with such different personalities really adding a lot of variety to our family. Makayla is our adventurer that loves to be held upside down, does flips and enjoys playing in the dirt. Isla is the complete opposite. She is interested in playing house, reading, dancing and music. She is our little observer or mother hen that keeps a close eye on what everyone is doing and reports back when her little sister is misbehaving ;) While these little ladies are well behaved (today), we all know toddlers, this is only just the beginning!

Mandy feels that she had her kids at a young age and is happy to have the energy to keep up with the younger kids while enjoying being a parent to the teenagers as well. Rare right?! Haha. While this family sounds like they have it *(somewhat)* together they still face the daily bickers and struggles just like typical families BUT there’s 5 kids bickering! This is where Payge will be lurking around the corner to capture the next family footage for her Vlog showing you just how crazy the house can get at times and how the family handles the varying needs and developments of all of the kids.

Welcome to our community and please make yourself at home.